Monday, February 15, 2010

Wake up! Arise and Shine (Part 2)

Think for yourself! Abandon the way that you have become accustomed to thinking. Accept the fact that peer pressure conditions you to accept false beliefs and all that you consider part of your reality.

Think for yourself! Question--why should you question the validity of your reality? The answer is quite simple. Nobody can tell you where your place is within the structure of reality. They are not able to tell you what reality is or even where your reality may be located!

Speculating about the origin of the universe only leads to an endless barrage of other, more abstract speculations that Charlatans claim to be able to answer for us. Instead of wasting your time pondering “the meaning of life,” try accepting that you are an integral part of the “All.” Accept the fact that you have the gift of free will and that YOU can choose to believe whatever YOU want to believe! Think for yourself!

Each of us is at the center of the only reality that we will ever know. All your thoughts and conscious experiences are central to the personal theme commonly referred to as, “Your Reality.” All relative dimensional space is accessible vibratory space that the Magickal Adept may wish to explore. Allowing external negative influences to alter your perception of what is actually “out there” is, in fact, an act of surrender to that negative influence! Only your point of view is relevant to YOU! Think for yourself!

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  1. Excellent advice Richard. Slowly after years of study I am beginning to understand and accept this as the most important principle I can probably ever learn.