Friday, February 19, 2010

Wake up! Arise and Shine ( Part 3)

Life is but a dream! Renowned thinkers, philosophers and sages state this repeatedly throughout recorded history. What are the implications of this quote to us?

The validity of reality is beyond provability. The nature of reality is by its own nature obscured and unfathomable. We should take nothing for granted during our waking state of consciousness. Nothing is set in stone.  Apparently, even the structure of stone itself is 95% empty space when viewed at the atomic level. So how we set about approaching something that evades the scrutiny of all scientific investigation?

There are existing systems, which we may adapt and use to investigate and scrutinize altered states of mind. Take, for this example, the case of Lucid Dreaming. By reading certain signs, the lucid dreamer learns to alert his Super-Consciousness that a dream is occurring. Almost immediately, this information passes on to the dreamer's waking mind and with constant practice, the dreamer then learns to control and direct the content and enviroment of their dreams for any number of reasons. This is a well-documented phenomenon. So if we are to accept reality as being dream like in nature, then the aim of the Magikal adept should also be to likewise learn and evaluate the signs, connect with the All and take active control of the dream that is life!

ALERT: You are now awake! Connect, Control and Live!

Connect, Control and Live!

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