Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nature's Plus ReGeneration Softgel Vitamins

Many of our readers have asked me to post a nutritional component breakdown of Nature's Plus Regeneration Softgel Vitamins.  So, I scanned the small, folded nutritional certification found in every bottle sold.  These are the vitamins used in the "Seven day Fasting Protocol" and by many others in the Esoteric community, well,!  

Anyway, these vitamins are the best I have ever used and I have used just about every type of formulation out there.  My hair feels "kitten soft," my nails grow rapidly, my skin is pliable, I feel a sense of wellness after they get into my bloodstream and the gray hair I used to worry about is not even a worry any longer.  Most importantly, they provide the nutrients I need to function well Esoterically.  These vitamins are easy on the stomach and are divided into a synergistic three tier formulation.  

To make trying them even easier, I have added a direct link to on the sidebar if you decide to go ahead and order a thirty day supply.   It is cheaper to order Nature's Plus ReGeneration Softgel Vitamins through, as they have a complete product guaranty and shipping costs are nominal.

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Full disclosure (YOU have a right to know!):  Because I have added a link to and since they have an agreement with Google to monetize web pages that feature their product offerings, specifically in this case, Nature's Plus ReGeneration Softgel Vitamins, an extremely tiny amount of revenue gets paid to me.  I keep none of it; not a cent.  I have also earned nothing to date.  All proceeds go directly to the contributing Magickians and Esoterists that write for "Modern Scientific Illuminism."  Believe me, the amount is fractional and has no bearing on the work we do to bring you the cutting edge information that you do need to create a new reality.  The monetization of my page also has no bearing on the products I use, books I read or anything else I blog about here.  That is a fact!  
I am setting out to educate, elucidate and emancipate your bodies, minds, hearts and souls from a system that degradates the Sacred Feminine, Magick, Thelema, and all other Western Esoteric arts.

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