Saturday, February 13, 2010

Demystifying the Mystical: Ritual Purification and Fasting [Part Three]

The Seven Day Fast: A Proven Protocol*

Days 2 through 7:

The first 3 to 4 days of the fast are the most difficult to complete. Your joints may ache slightly as your body eliminates waste material deposits from your synovial fluid. This “achy” feeling will subside toward the end of the process. Additionally, you will experience headaches through days 3 and 4, as your brain and body are adjusting to their perceived lack of Carbohydrate and Omega Three Fatty Acids, as well as to the overall detoxification process. These headaches should disappear completely by the end of the 4th day. IF these headaches become unbearable or you experience any other type of side effect that seems out of the ordinary at any time during the fast, seek Professional Medical help immediately!

Once you are about ½ way through the process, you will discover the profound role that food plays in your life. You will begin to notice sublime spiritual and mental changes along with a marked physical change in your physical appearance. Also, the way you think about food will forever be different. You will scrutinize the food you decide to put into your body in a whole new way. “Nutrition” becomes a new priority, as do flavor and portion control. Making sure that you and anyone else around you never wastes food again, will become something people associate with you forever more. You will also begin to experience increased energy that may force you to go to bed at a later time, but should not prevent you from falling asleep.

Remember that this fast has a strong nutritional component. Consequently, you will not loose muscle or send your body into “starvation mode” the way you would if you fasted by just eating bread and drinking water. Refill your Pur Water Pitcher every time you use it, exercise lightly, meditate and creatively visualize your Telos everyday; this keeps you Magickally focused on the quantum physical level on up through the various spiritual levels. So long as you maintain your new healthy lifestyle, the approximate 10lbs to 15lbs that you lose during the process will never return. I personally like to cook my favorite dishes during my fasts, just to keep the temptation level on “high” and to show others that fasting is possible under any circumstance!

A temptation resisted is the true measure of Character!” - Dega (Dustin Hoffman), “Papillion

Upon Waking:

Drink 12oz of water


Drink ¼ of the Biotta Vegetable Cocktail Juice bottle
Take 1 ReGeneration Vitamin
Drink 32oz of water


Drink 24oz of water.


Drink ¼ of the Biotta Vegetable Cocktail Juice bottle
Take 1 ReGeneration Vitamin
Drink 32oz of water

Late Afternoon:

Drink ¼ of the BiottaVegetable Cocktail Juice bottle
Take 1 ReGeneration Vitamin
Drink 24oz of water


Drink ¼ of the Biotta Vegetable Cocktail Juice bottle
Take 1 ReGeneration Vitamin
Drink 32oz of water

Early Evening:

Drink 12oz of Water

Continue to meditate nightly on your Telos, using your preferred method of entrainment and sleep well.  On days 6 and 7, you may need to take one of the Senakot tablets two to three times a day if you are not having at least one bowel movement a day; 1 tablet upon waking, 1 tablet at breakfast and 1 tablet at mid-morning.


This concludes Part Three. In Part Four, I will provide you with the day by day, step by step, fast breaking protocol and all related information you will need to safely and effectively break “The Seven Day Fast.”*

*Disclaimer -- Neither the FDA nor any Medical Professional has evaluated this protocol. Before dieting or fasting, always consult your Physician. If you are pregnant, think you may be pregnant, nursing, have a compromised immune system, have been told that you should not fast or if you take prescription medication of any type, do not undertake any of the actions described herein. Although I have personally completed this exact protocol many times with only positive effects, some may not be able to complete this process safely and effectively. I assume no liability for any harm which may come from this or any other health related issue and present the information in this post purely for informational and entertainment purposes only.

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