Friday, February 12, 2010

Demystifying the Mystical: Ritual Purification and Fasting [Part Two]

The Seven Day Fast: A Proven Protocol*

Day 1:

Make sure you have no commitments that take you out of the house this day, as you will need to be near your bathroom.  The colon cleansing power of the Sauerkraut Juice is superior to most other chemically based products costing four or five times as much.  Your stool will become runny toward the middle of the day and will remain so throughout the fast, with diminishing frequency.  Additionally, any time you feel you have to “pass gas,” you would be wise to do so “on the pot”—passing “wet” gas in your pants is not fun to experience; especially for women wearing thongs and those who choose to go “Commando.”  

You may drink naturally decaffeinated tea during your fast, but no alcohol, juice cocktail, milk or dairy-based beverages; no sugar and caffeine laden drinks such as coffee and soda either.  Finally, there is no smoking or tobacco use during this purification and detoxification process.

Throughout this evolution, you will have to wake-up during the night to urinate.  At first, your urine may have a dark yellow color.  As the fast progresses, the color will change to bright straw or bright yellow, and at times, may even be clear.  

Meditation and visualization are important to the overall effectiveness of the fast.  Visualize your body circulate and assimilate nutrients at the cellular (epithelial, pseudo-stratified, etc.), organ (liver, pancreas, etc.) and systemic (circulatory, nervous, etc.) levels of the body.   Simultaneously, visualize your body eliminate dead cells, toxins and other waste material left behind by free radicals, drugs, alcohol and food additives. 

Upon waking:

-Weigh yourself and take “tailor’s measurements,” Journal the information
-Drink at least 12oz of water 
-Face a mirror, look yourself directly in the eyes while stating, “I will complete this fast per the Protocol!” 
-State your Telos, or Magickal Purpose for undertaking the work.

Drink ¼ of the Biotta Sauerkraut Juice bottle
Take 1 ReGeneration Vitamin
Drink 24oz of Water

Within 30 minutes, the laxative effect may begin to work.

Take 1 ReGeneration Vitamin
Drink 32oz of water

Late Afternoon:

Drink ¼ of the Biotta Sauerkraut Juice bottle
Take 1 ReGeneration Vitamin
Drink 24oz of water


Drink ¼ of the Biotta Sauerkraut Juice bottle
Take 1 ReGeneration Vitamin
Drink 24oz of water

Early Evening:

Drink 12oz of Water

Meditate on your Telos, using your preferred method of entrainment.  Sweet dreams!

This concludes Part Two.  In Part Three, I will provide you with the day by day, step by step fasting protocol for days 2 through 7 and all related information you will need to safely and effectively undertake "The Seven Day Fast."*

*Disclaimer -- Neither the FDA nor any Medical Professional has evaluated this protocol.  Before dieting or fasting, always consult your Physician.  If you are pregnant, think you may be pregnant, nursing, have a compromised immune system, have been told that you should not fast or if you take prescription medication of any type, do not undertake any of the actions described herein.  Although I have personally completed this exact protocol many times with only positive effects, some may not be able to complete this process safely and effectively.  I assume no liability for any harm which may come from this or any other health related issue and present the information in this post purely for informational and entertainment purposes only.

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