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Excerpt from ALCYONE VI n1

The Aeon of Horus was proclaimed by Aleister Crowley in 1904, in Cairo Egypt, with the transmission of the Book of the Law. The Book of the Law was dictated to Crowley from Aiwass, an extra-dimensional intelligence. The Book was communicated to Crowley over the course of three days. Since the time of the proclamation of this Law, the world has spun into Chaos. Now, more than a century after the initiation of the New Aeon, it has become clear that the Aeon that Crowley proclaimed is waning, and we are now upon the Dawn of the Rise of Heru Ma Khuit, the Double Wanded Serpent god.
This entity is known as Hermes, and Mercury, also Tahuti and Thoth as a lunar deity in Khem, and also as Enki, the King of Magicians.

Hru Ma means literally in Egyptian the Lion Faced- Hru meaning face, and Ma meaning Lion. The lions are the kings, thus the KINGU, the rebel that was mixed with mankind. This was the legend of Nimrod, and Gilgamesh transforming into a strong man- a GIBORUM. Hru Ma is the Lion-Faced Aryan god, seen on Mars as the anthropomorphic lion-faced man. The Lion is the Serpent, the permutations of the quadrennial points of the precession. This war has been embedded into the stone monuments of Giza.

Heru Paar Kraat was a warrior god, thereby a god of destruction and analysis. Heru Maa Kuit is a God of Magik and Awakening, thus creation and synthesis.

Crowley’s prophecies have come to pass. The world has been brought to global war numerous times, and has been on the brink of global destruction for almost a century with the nuclear age. As the system comes to a crash, those who will inherit the human race shall be those of the Law, the ‘Kings of the Earth.’ But they shall also know that this is a Lie against them.

Those who can not escape enslavement shall become fodder for the Kings, Strong men who roam the face of the Earth. It’s those who can’t emancipate themselves from the group mind, those who have no strength to die for their own Liberty that shall lose everything. This is the ‘Law of the Strong.’

A Magikal philosophy is being replaced by a Magik. The Magik of Horus was Victory, and the Magik of Hrumachis is Alchemy. The Law of Thelema is being replaced by the Laws of Magik. This is because the current of Thelema has been leavened too thinly, and has become worthless to the intense galactic power of the Aeon that humankind now faces.

Thelema was a Solar/Cosmic law, this is obsolete. We now understand the Law of Galactic Heliocentricity and are counting a cosmic/galactic clock as Magi. We recognize the solar/phallic tradition of the Old Age, that wonderful Magikal Age from which we have all been nurtured. However, the battle for which we have been preparing is coming swiftly, and Thelema is not enough to defeat our enemies, Thelemic Magik will not stand to face this Dragon. Understand that SSS is a system not to replace Thelema, but to be placed above it, as a transposition.

Do what thou wilt was a substrate upon which Chaos was brewed. Thus, now the next Magus must come to that Formula and place it into action. In order to break up the minds of the old slave age, it was first necessary to initiate a rebellion. Now that generations have past, the rebellion is waning and the rabble must again be awoken to serve a new Magik Law. A nobler Law of Humankind are the laws given by SSS, which shall put order to the Entropic Chasm of Magik which sprawls out before us in the chaos storm.

The Aeons of the Gods are not all fixed in time as the Prophets of previous Ages believed. We use the Equinoctial precession as a symbolic interface with these Great Ages. But in reality, and more Magikally, these zones through which we move are not fixed, but they interact with the human nervous system. And, the larger our concept of the Universe, the faster come the Dawns of the Ages.

In the Age of Osiris, a transition was made into the Magikal formula of the Dying and Resurrecting God, as with the Aeon of Horus there was a transition from the Dying God, to the Self God. Now with the Aeon of Hrumachis the Magikal formula is that of eternal consciousness- called Saon. So we transition from the Self God, to the Ungod. A-nu’k Sa’ON, I am a Son of ON.

It’s realized that after the purge, those who advance forward will understand this Law. A large portion of the population never accepted the formula of the Dying God, and these bloodlines are forever doomed. Those who learned of the Dying God, but have not accepted the Law of Thelema still have a chance to survive.

However, the Kings shall be those who accept the continuity of their own consciousness. The Gate of the Dying God has closed; the Gate of the Self God is closing, at which time the Monsters will be let loose. Those who will survive will move ahead with their own proclivities, and those who ignore their own SOUL will be doomed.

SSS teaches that the critical message of this Age is in the phrase ‘Double Wanded.’ This alludes to Hermes, and Mercury, who are more recent forms of Enki. This refers to the genetic hybridization project between the two master races of Earth. The Double Wand is the Genetic Helix, when it’s portrayed as two snakes, it’s a symbol of the genetic program.

SSS tells an occult history of when an alien race from the Draconian star system attacked an alien race in the Lyrian system, causing an intergalactic alliance to rise against the Draconians.

Eventually, being pursued and searching for a place to hide, the Draconians (i.e., the Anunaki, or Nephilim, etc.) found our solar system and stationed on Earth and Mars.

At that time there was another ancient civilization living on Mars, the Aryans. The Aryans were primitive and not nearly as advanced as the Draconians.

The Draconians decided to deceive the Aryans. Some of the Draconians stayed in our solar system while the rest continued to look for other places to hide.

The Aryans trusted the Draconians because the Draconians offered to share technology and healing powers. Then, the Draconians began to abduct some of the Aryans and took them to Earth. There they began to mix their own DNA with the Aryan DNA in order to make a slave race. The Draconians thought that since the Aryans were unable to travel to Earth, they would never know of the deception.

However, an unexpected cataclysm destroyed Mars, along with much of the Draconian and Aryan populations. The Draconians lost all of their technology. All that survived was what was on Earth, which was very little technology and very few Draconians. What especially did not survive were the cryogenic tanks that the Draconians use to travel great stellar distances. With the loss of the cryogenic technology and no way to replicate it, the Draconians were trapped on Earth with no way to leave. This also greatly decreased the lifespan of the Draconians. Further, they lost their potential for communication with the rest of their race.

Thus began the Great Work of mineral extraction from the Earth. This was an attempt to establish a civilization that might one day replicate the original lost technology of the Draconians, so the Draconian civilization could leave Earth.
The Draconian survivors protected themselves with fierce interbreeding, and they ritualized the return of their forefathers at some appointed time in the future. But of most critical importance was preparing for the coming war with the very ancient race that was initially pursuing them and from who they were hiding.

After the final catastrophe around 10,000 B.C., some of the Draconians, however, began to interbreed with the hybrid Homo Sapien race (…the serpent in the garden).
The Draconian descendents taught humans about writing and all the things credited to the gods. An initial objective was to boost the human/hybrid population and rid the earth of the Neanderthal races, who were not intellectually equipped to play a role in mineral extraction or manufacturing the necessary technology.

Eventually as the last of the original Draconians died away, the offspring of the interbreeding became powerful leaders, and were of a higher intellect than the rest of the Earth population. These were the ancient Atlantean kings, becoming the Egyptian Pharaohs and Priests after the submersion of the Atlantean Empire.

Ultimately, the Atlantean civilization emerged from the Draconian hybrid culture after the destruction of Mars, and before the floods at the end of the Pleistocene. The floods wiped out much of the Earth population. After the flood, however, the populations were increased in numbers and concentrated in the ‘fertile crescent.’ There, remnants of the ancient Draconian culture established Egypt’s Dynastic civilization.

Modern Homo Sapien is a hybrid race of Aryan and Draconian genetics, this is the meaning of the Double Wand, the mixing of the races.

This is the seminal difference between the Age of Thelema and the Age of Saon; that the Horian Age dealt in political affairs and the Sa’Onian Age deals with genetics.

However, it’s pointless to deny the political conspiracy. Someone concerned with their Spirit can’t deny the effects of the political manipulation. As for those in this Age who deny the Political Magik being done, there is no hope at this late hour. For those who do not appeal to the political murmuring, and attack it vehemently, shall now excel to the next level of the genetic fight, for it’s only when this frontier is taken can true Liberty be possible.

In this is the knowledge that Socialism in all its abhorrent forms and masks is slavery. It’s a terrible fight to resist the lure of the Socialist trap. It feeds on the weak. It has no place in Magik. Socialism was the Magikal spell of the old Aeon of Horus, and this Battle is still seething in the minds of some, but it’s a dead fight. The victors are in their banquets while the vanquished confusedly fight against their own shadows. However, this is an imaginary battle for the amusement of the children.

We as Magicians of this Age see the capital frontier to be a War of Attainment. Not the fight for ideas, that harkens to the Old Aeon.

We now fight in blood for the source of blood. The Master is embedded into us, as the code of our soul is embedded into the very core of our genetic helix.

These are for what we fight, for the namesake of Mankind, for the hybrid that we are, and that we will change as We Will! Not as Ye!

If the conspirators come as a thief, they shall have their hands and hearts cut from them. Their eyes shall be eaten by vultures, and their entrails spilt before them. This all shall be the beginning of torture for the zombie who seeks to snatch our Liberty. Yea! These shall all be the beginning of tortures.

The genetic aspiration and Law of Magik is ‘Be as ye Will!’ Magik is the Ultimate Science and there is no Religion but Mankind. In the Age of Asar, they Went as they Willed, and in the Age of Horus, they Did as they Wilt. Now we shall ‘Be’ as we Will. Let fury be upon who shields another from this Law.

Like a wandering Planet in search of its Star we shall be given great delusion from the watcher of the skies. In order to enliven our children and inspire our deepest regrets and fears we will be rooted from our comfortable conditions, and we shall be culled from our peace. All shall be made to profit upon our distress. Beware of this conspiracy and flight against the false Light in the Sun.

Again we shall move into the mouth of the Snake, into the eye of the Pyramid. And who shall know shall reap great nectar for his Ba, and great nourishment for the juice of his Ka and Khu. That which brings genetic power into Life is a cosmic dance being played before our eyes.

This is the proclamation of this Aeon, that only those who ‘Are as they Will’ shall understand what wanders before them. As the doctors of information shall put words in our heads with Magik, we shall gobble these words up and recite them as a prayer. Those who resist this Magik Spell shall inherit the Magik of Hrumachis and the Secret of the World.

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