Sunday, February 20, 2011

Honesty and Candor: The Abramelin Working

For the first time, since creating this web page, I am going to speak directly to all of you, in a way I have never spoken to you before.  I am conflicted about publishing the first article that describes the initial phase of the Abramelin process, but am going to do so anyway. It was highly personal to endure and not all of it is going to motivate you to purchase the items you'll need, as fast as you can, just to get the working started.

Most people associate "love and light" with anything that has "Angel" in its title.  There are facets of the HGA that are far from "good" and that speaks to our human condition.  This revelatory process leads along a path of self-discovery and some of the discoveries are not pleasant.  Along the way, you will see yourself, in most cases, as you really are, for the first time.  Dedication to the process is absolutely essential and if you take a "half-assed" approach to this work, you really are better off doing something else.  This working, the Abramelin Working, is real, as is the HGA.  It will change you forever--you will know your optimum trajectory and master the forces that have, until now, mastered you. 

I will have it posted later this week and as always, encourage you to do as you will.  MSI:  Magick, Mirth and Mystery.

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