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A few notes on the Tarot of Hrumachis

Excerpts from ALCYONE Volume I, Number 1, published by SSS

Traditionally the 15th Tarot card is called Temperance, but it has been renamed Dispersion in the Tarot of Hrumachis. It shows a lamen of a prime secret, that is, the Sacred Secret of Secretion, again the SSS.
Dispersion comes from the opposing force of the great ritual of Black Magik, which is the dissolution of one’s own personal identity into the whole, the dissolution of all into the collective.

Thelema demands that individuals offer up their individual will to the collective True Will of the cosmos, which is symbolized by the star goddess Nu. However, this is not an end, and if a Magician accepts the dissolution of his soul (a soul is a type of solar and synergenetically emergent individual cosmic identity), as the supreme end to their work, then they lose their Hadit, their human-ness, which then makes them an easily controllable slave- as it states, 'slaves shall serve (Liber 31)'. Once individuals have submitted their individual ego to a common and cultic mythological end, and then further accept and even embrace that the only true promise of the future is non existence and the dissolution of their soul into nothingness, then they will do and believe anything they are told to do or believe.
The reality is that the most essential component to Magik, which is embedded into every single Tarot card and Magikal formula, was wholly suppressed by Crowley in his Thelema. This is because when he was disseminating Thelema in the early 20th century he was eager to have disciples- and he wanted to be served.
Dissolution, the dissolution of all as it states in the Book of the Law, is in fact Hell, or Hades, which is simply non existence. The dissolution of one’s own personal identity is the only Hell. However, Crowley hid this. And instead he taught that the suppression of the ego was the gate into eternal bliss. And eternal bliss, to Crowley of course, was nonexistence.
This is emblematized and practiced on the Earth, in the planes of Malkuth, as collectivist governments. Collectivist, Communist, and Socialist paradigms all force individuals to adopt a philosophy and hold a world view which entirely squashes personal Liberty and individual Will. The slogan the sacrifice of the few for the good of the many is a Magik spell that transforms human beings into slaves; all this in order to smother the inner spark of human beings that generates their personal identity. Personal identity and personal ambition is poison to tyrants and Black Magicians.
The deep occult philosophy of the Dispersion card and the full spectrum of what it symbolizes is far too lengthy to offer here, more will be said of this card in some future volume.
The image for the Wrath card, which is traditionally called Judgment, is the Stele of Revealing. The Stele of Revealing is the tablet by which the Book of the Law was transmitted to Crowley in Cairo in 1904- it shows the scribe Ankh af na Khonsu receiving the law from Horus. This is to symbolize the judgment that is upon us. That is, the rewards of Ra Hoor Kuit in the New and emerging Age of Hrumachis.

The Wrath is the wrath of ignorance, and the denial of one’s SOUL- the rejection of one’s true consciousness and the immortality of one’s existence. It demonstrates that the Son, Horus, the harbinger of the portents of the previous Aeon of the Child, will still avenge those who kill their fathers, that is, their ego. Again, this is the Natural Magikal doctrine which Crowley feverishly tried to hide. It is now, by this small book, and inside the Temples of SSS, that this deception shall be corrected and illuminated for the entire public. From the time of the Cairo transmission over a century ago, not until now has another Magikal current attempted to face the power of the Beast 666 and expose his deceit. SSS has taken this battle- and this battle cry has been cried, and the old priests of Thelema have heard.
The secret here is that Hadit is not as commonly thought. This is the current message of Horus in this Age of Hrumachis- that Had is a place, the Secret Place in the City of On, and also a Secret Place inside of each of us. That the City of the Pyramids is the pyramidal cellular structures found in human neuronal cells, and in DNA.
Bhetut, is in fact, Hadit- which was the cult center for the worship of the hidden ON. ON is the central concept in the Magik of SSS.

-To initiates of SSS this has special significance associated with the South-Eastern point of the Septagram, Silence.

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