Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Essay on Modern Magik

Liber Librae Magikum
sub figura 74
Publication in class *** of S.•.S.•.S.•.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Aleister Crowley defined Magik as: ‘The science and art to cause physical change in conformity with the Will.’ Although Magik has many forms, in its complete sense it’s the work of evaporating the discrimination between the internal and external forces of nature- Magnum Opus.
Magicians categorize their environment with elemental, planetary, and zodialogical concepts. However, the nature of these symbols is largely misunderstood- even by occultists.
The reason that people misunderstand or attribute confusing nomenclature and concepts to traditional occult symbols is because the nature of a Magik symbol can not be conveyed through language- it must be experienced to be understood.
Many times the act of transmitting the meanings of symbols from one person to another becomes dogmatic and the nature and power of the symbol and what it meant to the initiator is lost. In turn, people adopt zealous opinions about what the symbol means, and their arguments are held up on the worlds of their predecessors.
The purpose of Magik is not to conquer one another with dogmatic puzzles. It’s to transform our bodies and minds into something that it’s not. The purpose of Magik is to transform our material body into a body of light- LVX.
It’s precisely this reason that we must recruit the most modern of all the sciences to help in our effort. We must understand that it’s inside every cell in our body that we have the power of transformation. We can transform our genetic code in powerful metabolic ways. With a holistic understanding of the nature of our minds and bodies, and the electromagnetic current upon which our body feeds, we illuminate the interior of each of the cells in our bodies.
Technically speaking, the purpose of ritual in Magik is to create novel stimuli in which our brains will in turn generate new neuronal pathways and connections, which connections are the portal to the aetheric realms to which we return once the pathway and connection has been properly and habitually re-enforced.
Such pathways, as every other neural circuit, interact with the human body in powerful and subtle metabolic ways- interacting with many components of the individual’s genetics. Rituals can easily cause suppression or expression of particular desired or undesired genetic dispositions.
However, a critical aspect of understanding one’s genetic capabilities and shortfalls is knowledge of one’s history. For instance, knowing one’s family history includes diabetes can allow for preventative measure to help suppress that disposition. Similarly, with Magik, knowing one’s human history can offer a broader perspective of possibilities.

Human origins are a critical element to Occult practice, and especially modern Magik. It’s considered that in the history of human beings, the environment in which we live and have lived can transform our metabolic states and reconstitute the entire phenomenon of what we call consciousness and thought.
Really, not until the early industrial era in the mid 1800’s did human beings have the opportunity to express themselves individually. There has simply been no room in societies before collective imperialism to allow some sense of individuality beyond the state of the cult to shape an individual’s behavior. This has caused a catastrophic psychosis in collective civilizations. The remnant of this collective stratum upon which early and pre-modern humankind posited their existence, can be seen in some tribal societies that lack the individual in their rank order- or even a syntax for the individual in their language. The safety of lacking an individual consciousness is a powerful drive which humankind is once again on the verge of digression. The radical call for socialism and communism in current societies relates this primeval reluctance for self actualization and self responsibility. This is not the case for the Magician- and now we face this battle on the Earth for the Battle for our personal Liberty and Magickal heritage.
The emerging archetypes of the internet and mass communication and global society will become powerful mental constructs that may be used to suppress genetic predispositions for individualistic thinking and individual behavior. Such powerful urges inside our deep and unconditioned genetic base are given opportunity at specific points in the transit of the Solar System, this can be seen in the basic geothermic record of the rising and falling of temperatures, and in turn societies and migrations.
Until recently, psychologists believed that once the human brain cased development it immediately began mortification and no new neuronal generation occurred. This is now known to be inaccurate- in fact, adults continue to generate new neurons. This means that all through the course of human development the human brain is still seeking and has the capacity for new knowledge.
As magicians we must seek new knowledge- not recondite heaps of dogma. Therefore, now instead of balancing the traditional four elements associated with Magick, we seek to explore the Seven Regions of the Human Universe. Each of the Seven regions is a Dimensional Portal, the regions are the Metaphoric, Metaphysic, Metatonic, Metabolic, Metapsychic, Metacthonic, and Metatronic.
After the emergence of the H.G.A., the aspirant will have the Knowledge to compose their own rites. This is necessary because each individual has a particular genotype, and in order to interact with their genotype the rites must be designed specifically to do so. Of course, these particular rituals can only be gotten by the individual.
Once the effects of a Magikal interaction can be controlled- the aspirant is immediately pulled into the Abyss. After which’s exit, the aspirant becomes a Metatron. A Metatron is Supernal, and has activated and suppressed the proper aspects to their genetic code.

Love is the law, love under will.

Sincerely and Eternally-

Daniel L.M., Alexander Oz/SaON!


  1. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
    This is an excellent essay on magick, however I would disagree strongly with the notion that individuality is a modern manifestation of the 1800's and the result of industrialization. The concept of individuality in ancient times via language may not resonate in the same manner as the modern however that is not reason to automatically assume it was absent. Perusing ancient arts and culture there is more than enough instance of individual assertiveness. The collective stratum of the distant past was borne more out of the need to survive as a species. This contrast with the modern which is borne from subjective dogma. I have not personally seen any radical calls for a return to communism since it crumbled as major political force in the days of the U.S.S.R. It is a minor player at best on the world stage. What I do recollect profoundly is the abuse of this word as the capital powers in this country hoarded the wealth to the detriment of the populace at large. How they systematically attacked the work force as they sought to unionize and barter for a larger piece of the pie. The current 8hr work day,paid holidays, vacations and pay raises are the direct result of all the brave souls who challenged at much risk the wealthy establishment.Senator McCarthy branded all challengers communists to this abusive system and was the political choronzon of his day until he was finally subdued by saner minds. Even the Chinese government recognizes communism in its original form is a failed economic model and have embraced in some degree capitalistic economic concepts. I think one must be careful not to debunk in any absolute sense other systems one may not embrace as a whole. We have seen in our own history that the best course of action is to take hold of what proves itself to work at any given moment and let go of what doesn't. On another note I would say it is important to function at maximum capacity as an individual within a collective. Neither one must overwhelm the other for this ultimately leads to some type of societal malfunction. Although this may seem a contradiction it is not if one only look at nature. One's liver functions as an individual unit, yet it must tailor its function to the needs of the other organs and the body as a whole. The ratio between consciousness which is awareness and individualism can be close to the point of exactness or a universe apart depending on the personality of the individual. I have not witnessed any strong evidence to indicate a direct correlation. Although we now pursue greater dimensions of consciousness than our predecessors as magickians nevertheless it is paramount to balance the four elements. Increased force demands a greater amount of control,neglect of equilibrium will result in psychosis. The most celebrated case in this instance for Thelemites is the demise of Frater Achad.
    Love is the law, love under will.

  2. I believe that the true difference between modern occultists and our predecessors is that many have indeed realised that set rituals are only an example of methods that can lead to a result, it's a little like learning to read or spell, given time we learn how to combine the elements to create meaningful literature that combine traditional learning with our own creational thinking, magick is no different to this ongoing intellectual process, basics become individually based working systems that combine the best of both worlds.

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