Monday, November 22, 2010

Hermetic reality - The principle of correspondence

As above so below.

Everything in the universe has the same point of origin, and as such it follows that the laws that govern any plane of existence or dimensional space at any given level are subject to the same laws.

In esoteric or spiritual literature you will often find mention of what are reffered to as "planes of energy" such as the astral plane, in truth there is no exact distinction or division between any of these "planes" other then the the rate of vibrational energy they contain, so basically the term "plane" is used to group together certain phenomena or aspects together in a way that we can better mentally visualize the structure of the universe.

These planes are usually described as being three major groups which are, the mental plan, the spiritual plane and the physical plane, within these major groups are several sub-groups which can be considered states or conditions, these include the plant mind, the animal mind, the human mind and the mineral mind, we then also have to include the existence of entities, beings and souls.

At each given level from the lowest to the highest plane it is the rate of vibrational energy that manifests the said plane.
Particles of energy make up each plane and include everything from solid matter, radioactive materials, electricity and so on. Sub-divisional forces such as gravity and attraction are essentually the same but distanced by the rate of vibration.

There are many suddivisions and varying levels within any plane, so if we take the human mind as example, we have the basic everyday layman or woman who live their lives without any spiritual thoughts, compare that with the master or adept, who with practice, has learned the techniques to raise the frequency of their thoughts to a higher spiritual levelwhere they can experience hightened states of conscious existence at will.

As the laws that govern each level of existence it follows that higher dimensional beings must raise their vibrational energy to a point where the can in turn communicate with yet higher dimensional beings, so an angel may communicate with a demi-god who in turn communicates with a god, for example.

With all this in mind we find that all the universal planes and their sub-divisions are connected at some subtle level by varying degrees of energy and the laws that govern that energy, even the lowest form of energy is only seperated from the highest by its rate of vibration.

In magickal terms this gives us a great advantage, in that we have the knowledge that "all things within the universal whole" are but a transcendence of thought or vibration from each other. To enter a higher state of conscious experience we need to raise the vibrational rate of our thoughts beyond those of our base reality.

When this higher state of consciousness is achieved we find that the universal laws will allow us to opperate in the exact same way as we do at our base reality level. On return to that base level things are never quite the same, we bring back the experience of the higher plane of energy, which gives us the ability to see or base reality through "higher dimensional eyes".It allows communication with and control of the fundamental base energy that surrounds us. as its energy now exists at a lower level then that of our experience it gives us a certain understanding and power over that energy.

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