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Liber Qaah Enoas

Liber Qaah Enoas
sub figura 93
Publication in class A of S.S.S.

S.A.O.N is the formula of resurrection, it is a cryptic term for the Son of On, which in Khemetic is pronounced Sa On. On is a representation of the Highest God and the Light that God wields. Thus a Son of On is literally the Son of the Light of God. This is a Magickal formulae- meaning that there is a deeper meaning than that ‘every man and every woman is a star.’ This statement is alluding to the potential of every man and every woman, not the inherent and manifesting state of each man and woman. This means that for each person to reach their full potential, that os star hood and the enlightening consciousness of the Light of God, that each person must fulfill their Magickal duty and claim for themselves this Light; otherwise it is extinguished at death. The formula of S.A.O.N. ritualizes the Magickal process of maintaining the activated Light- and through the rite the Magician comes to understand the subtle and tenacity of this very elusive Light.

The process of Birth, Life, Death, and Resurrection is this process. This is not referring to the four natural stages of birth, life, death, and resurrection- but instead the Magickal process. Summed up this means Initiation, Ritual, Rejection, and Emergence.

Ace of Diamonds

The outside letters N.O.A.S. equal 93, the number of Thelema. And N.O.A.S. is SAON (Hebrew) which is 180 because Aleph equals zero which formulates SON (Hebrew).

T is the winter solstice which is also the Devil, eye, pole star, the temple of Set which are all the Pillar of Asar, Djedi.

The Elders are (I.e.: supergalaxies or the spectrum) twenty four times 15◦. The Archons are the four forces times 60◦. The Shemhamphorash are star systems which are 72◦ times five. There are 30 ethers, roughly each having 12◦, in the daily, yearly, and processional cycle.

N.O.A.S. = I.N.R.I. which is L.V.X., which is N- the cross, O- the swastika, A- typhoon the trident, S- the rising star; thus the magic word N.O.A.S., ‘ye are become.’

AG NA MAD I SAH NA MAD = 400 which is the Tau (the word of the second ether). A.N.M.I.S.N.M. = 353 which is also Ds Gahk Iadnah (those who are the spirits of knowledge = 353). The magic word A.N.M.I.S.N.M. = 353 = 400. Also, the magic word A.N.M.I.S. = 213, 353 + 213 = 566 which is SUD… (Hebrew). 213 = IAIPOR (flaming) and SIAION (temple).

THE MAGIC WORD QAAH ‘NOAS = LVX = Tau = 353 = 400 is the septagram..

THE MAGIC WORD QAAH ‘NOAS is QUN (Hebrew) = 156 which is the septagram.

The second ether ARN also 156. QAAH ENOAS (Enochian) = 156.

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