Friday, October 15, 2010


by 777

The Rites of S.S.S.

Liber Crux Lucis sub figura 711
The three phases of the adept.

Liber Stella Solaris sub figura 360
The four aspects of the solar nature of the adept. This rite functions as do the Banishings of the old systems.

Liber Qaah Enoas sub figura 93
S.•. A.•.O .•.N.•. is the formula of resurrection for the New Aeon and is a cryptic term for the Son of On. The formula of S.A.O.N. ritualizes the Magickal process of maintaining the activated Light- and through the Rite the Magician comes to understand the subtlety and tenacity of this very elusive Light. The process of Birth, Life, Death, and Resurrection is this process. This is not referring to the four natural stages of birth, life, death, and resurrection- but instead the Magickal process. Summed up this means Initiation, Ritual, Rejection, and Emergence.

The Calls of Pan
The Calls of Pan are the aspect in S.•.S.•.S.•. in which Cosmic Light is harnessed in accord with the movement of the galaxy and stars. The Rite is performed at the Dawn f each new equinoctial sign. However, precessional signs are used, and thus a default sign can be used for overarching Rituals of the Cosmic Order.

Liber Missa Lucis (Bhetut) sub figura 72
The Mass of Light is the central public ritual of S.•.S.•.S.•. and it is also the central private ritual. Inside the Mass of Light are all other Rituals of S.•.S.•.S.•.. The Mass of Light should be performed every New Moon either by oneself, or with others.

Liber ChePh CheTh sub figura 418
The Chant of the Stele of revealing is the proclamation of the Ancient Khemetic intonation of Ankh Af Na Khonsu.

Liber Serpenta Septa Stella sub figura XXX
Aligns the adept with the Temple of set, which is the Northern Star. This alignment allows the adept to draw from the electromagnetic impulse of the earth and the Cosmic Djed Pillar.

Liber OM ABRAXA sub figura 666
Liber Om Abraxa tunes the electrical current of the Adept regarding the six points on the circuit : the left base of the central nervous system, the right base of the central nervous system, the heart Chakra, the Perceptual system, which reside in the base of the neck, or the limbic system, the neuronal cortex, or the mystical third eye, which is the frontal cortex, and finally the electrical impulse projected by the activity of the entire nervous system, which is the aura.

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