Friday, August 27, 2010

Intro to the Abramelin: Knowldge and Conversation with one's Holy Guardian Angel

Much has been said and written about obtain "Knowledge and Conversation with one's Holy Guardian Angel," or "K&CHGA."  While I am not going to address whether or not this process puts one in touch with an actual entity or a facet of their "higher self," I plan to describe the process and other important facets of this all important working, considered to be the pinnacle of Magcikal attainment by many.  Subjugating one's Demons, both personal and not so personal is final portion of this elaborate and meticulous protocol.  "Energized Prayer,"  is a term that I feel best suits the main thrust of unification process, though it does not fully describe the entire working.  One must prepare themselves for many significant changes that occur within them during the six to eighteen month working.  Proper preparation can alleviate many possible snags one could encounter as the work progresses. It is this preparatory period with which I will continue this series of posts.  

Modern Scientific Illuminism.  It's Magick!

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  1. This should be a interesting experience for some people ;-)...I look forward to learning more.