Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thelemic and Occult-themed Art by Leanna

The fine arts have always played an important role in Western Mystery Traditions.  Recently, I came across an artist that fuses Magick, Thelema and other, more exotic themes in her work.. Her name is *--Leanna||Davidson--* (characters added by me to protect her from being "Google-ized"--a courtesy I extend to everyone).  The images containing adult-only themes are covered with a white page with a superimposed, grey "caution"-type sign.  Clicking on them reveals the pictures that lay beneath the cautionary signage.

Whenever I can, I try to share the music, writings and artistic endeavors of others that flow from their empathetic interpretations and impressions of the various areas of occult exploration.

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  1. Ron thank you so much for this! You Honor me! I canot express my gratitude~ I am humbled by your love for my art! Thank You!! :D xoxoxoxo