Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Deeper Implications of Ritual Elements

There are many singular elements that are injected into any ritual that may be done, and while there are consistencies amongst the various magic(k)al schools, there are equally as many variations, so, I would like to address those that are most common, and those that I am familiar with in my own mutated system.

I would first introduce what it is I mean to discuss in regards to things such as cleansing, the use of tools, the generation of your sphere of influence, invocation, evocation, etc. It is not my purpose to tell you how to use these various ritual elements, nor is it my intention to tell you how to perform a ritual. Most of you would already be aware of these subjects, and I wouldn't want to bore you any further with my own dogma.

So what it is I do intend on sharing with you are the deeper dynamics that are going on behind the scene as we perform our rituals. I would discuss thought patterns and beliefs that lie deeply within us that most deeply affect both our needs and desires to do ritual for certain gain (materiel or spiritual) and the outcome of our rituals themselves. I would discuss the metaphysical implications of what it is you are, and are doing, as a magician, wizard, witch, mage, or shaman as you stand and perform your dance before the eyes of Source alone. I would discuss what it is that enriches our lives so profoundly, that which we call "ritual magic."

This will end up being a series, of course, so we will let this posting stand only as an introduction.

I would clarify that for me, it is not the method that is important here (though our methods do have import to each of us personally - I would not take that from you). While different methods, schools and approaches each tap a slightly different magical stream, they are all streams that feed , and are fed by, the major current we call Magic(k), and what I think of simply as being the whole of life itself.

Please don't be concerned whether you are G:.D:. , A:.A:. , OTO, Pagan, Wican, etc. when it seems I don't address something particularly important to your personal practice. Your joy is your joy and will always remain such. Just accept what it is that thrills you, inspires you, or fills even the tiniest space within you that has not yet been noticed.

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  1. I really like that you included in the end of this to follow your heart and intuition..

    I am always looking for that (something more in me)