Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Future of "Modern Scientific Illuminism"

After I complete the series, "Demystifying The Mystical," which ultimately serves our readers with the mechanics of the Magickal preparatory operations, we will begin a new phase here, at "Modern Scientific Illuminism." The focus will shift to the theory and practice of modern Thelemic Magick and some specific derivations of these operations which, over the years, have improved upon one or more aspects of the same.  This means that in a very progressive manner, we will begin to cover the theory behind implementing Magickal Technology as part of a lifestyle that is advanced and self-directed.  Many of these operations assume things like "Ritual purification and Fasting," "Consecration," "Construction of Magickal Tools and Regalia" and the other necessary preliminary steps for success.  One of the major topics will be "Knowledge and Conversation with One's Holy Guardian Angel" and its importance to the Great Work.  "Building a Strong Astral Vehicle,""Evocation," "Invocation," "Sexual Alchemy,"  "Solomonic Magick" and "Enochian Magick" are more future offerings that we, in our own inimitable way, will delineate, dissect and disseminate to our readers.  Ultimately, our writers plan to offer you the best information we can, given the parameters of the medium, for your individual Magickal advancement.

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  1. Fascinating! I am very much interested in learning more about Thelema... And how to get in touch with and use your Holy Guardian Angel..
    Thank you for sharing.