Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hermetic Reality (Part 2): The Principle of Mentalism

"We can only ever co-create in conjunction with the mental reality of the 'All'..."

Unless the magickal student fully understands the implications of the above statement, they will never be successful, let alone make progress along their chosen path. This principle is quite simple and yet many refuse to try to grasp and/or accept this concept.

"All is All." To understand this, the most important of the Hermetic principles, we must open ourselves to this striking realization. Every atom, at every dimensional level, including the Multiverse and the Astral plane, to the physical plane, our bodies, our breathable air and even the electrical signals by our thoughts are manefestations of one master thought, or mental signal. The "All" creates this very signal, which pulses throughout the fabric of our universe. Although we are a creation of the "All," which, incidently, also gives the gift of free will and as such, we find that we can assert our throughout the entire of the "All."

In magickal terms, it is helpful to use an abstract concept-type model. A simple way to understand this concept is to see the underlying reality as being similar to an elaborate computer program, and "manifest reality," as being the visual output on a monitor.

Using this as a working example, we find that magickal words and rituals work in the manner of viral access codes affecting the universal program and its operating system. Once the "All" grants us access to this program, we can alter the fundermental syntax of the pre-programmed reality towards our desired reality. The manifest output the re-routes it to its co created format, also called "desired outcome." Now, we are not going against the energetic flow of reality; to the contrary, we are in fact, working in conjunction with the manifest reality. We divert the creational path of the "All," but it is still in essence, it is still the creational force of the "All."

We are an integral part of the "All." This fact is inescapable, but when we accept ourselves as a "sub-routine," found somewhere within the source code of the Universal Mainframe, then the base language of Magick becomes our "viral answer" to co-creation.

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