Friday, June 18, 2010

Demystifying the Mystical: Ritual Bathing

In the previous series, we discussed the "Seven Day Fasting Protocol" and its effect on the homeostasis and cleanliness of the internal anatomy.  Today, we will discuss the process and importance of cleaning the external body prior to undertaking any major Magickal endeavor.  This process helps to align one on all levels.  It involves all the senses and prepares the subconscious well in advance of the actual ritual.  Aligning your self from the quantum to the Macro scale is imperative for Magickal manifestation.

You will need:

1. Bottle of Rosewater (available at any Mediterranean/Middle Eastern Food store).

2. Mint Leaves.

3. Essential Oils appropriate for the work – Oil of Abramelin is an excellent general choice.

4.  Himalayan Pink Salt or Dead Sea Bath Salts.

The Ritualistic Bathing Process:

Form and state your Telos, a statement of intent combined with the desired outcome.

Shower immediately prior to the bath, using a Castile Soap that contains essential oil of Tea Tree from Australia (Do not get it near your eyes—it stings the eyeballs as seriously as Chili Pepper).  Why Tea Tree Soap?  It is a Castile Soap (a natural liquid soap formula with Kabbalistic significance) that kills fungus, harmful bacteria and deters most allergens. Showering prior to the bath is essential, as you defeat the purpose of true cleanliness by soaking in your own daily dirt.  Shampoo?  Conditioner?  Well, I use two shampoos and no conditioner, alternating every other day between them.  They are Selsun Blue because it contains Selenium and prevents dandruff and Crew, because the lady that gave me my purple highlights said that I should, in a very provocative manner (tee-hee, excellent sales tactic). You can use whatever you want, as long as it smells clean and crisp, rinses clean and leaves no residue.

Prepare the bath to a lukewarm temperature.  Water temperatures too hot will zap you of your energy and relax you to the point of laziness.  Too cold a bath will stimulate you initially, but can initiate your body’s natural defenses from cold by changing blood flow patterns.  It is not difficult to fill a tub with water that feels “just right.”

Next, Take three (3) tablespoons of the Pink Himalayan Salt and dissolve it in the finished bath.  The salt is imbued with the energy of the Earth's Chakra located in the Himalayan mountains, enhances the electric fields of the body and balances the polarity of your being.  Pour eight (8) ounces of Rosewater to provide the floral essence to the experience.   Using a One Dram bottle of Abramelin Oil, slowly drip 6-8 drops into the tub while re-stating your Telos and blessing yourself with an affirmation of safety and success. Twist 3 or 4 mint leaves, so as to bring out their aroma and oils.  Place them into the tub one at a time while thinking about purity and cleanliness, especially if your operation will involve the invocation or evocation of Angelic/Otherworldly spiritual intelligences and energy.  Immerse and breathe deeply.  Live in the moment and enjoy this pleasant experience before undertaking your Magickal work, whatever it may be.  

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