Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lexicon Linguistics: Demystifying and Liberating Magik from Limiting Language

Since interviewing Daniel Meredith, I have been thinking about fundamental linguistic changes needed to manifest the newly demystified lexicon, predicated on our personal Esoteric experiences. He discussed his concept of a new system having updated protocols and modern linguistics. The latter unleashed a storm of ideas in my mind about how to finally liberate the Esoteric systems from the Slave/Cult, Nazarene virus that has and continues to plague humanity. This will be an area of exploration during the upcoming interview with Daniel. There is nothing wrong with reading, learning and forming opinions, but the critical experiential component cannot be ignored and we will exploit it, so to make the previously unattainable, well, attainable and the Esoteric systems, readily accessible.

After the birth pangs of this new Aeon, those of us who remain and unplugged from the former system of oppression foisted upon us by those who underestimated the human intellect and our ability to work around their illusory monetary and power boundaries, will still be here. By using Esoteric systems of Magikal attainment, in addition to Shamanic Psychedelic substance usage to kick-off the dissolution of ego, to attain a cosmic understanding of our energetic reality, we few will continue to advance and attain our Esoteric and Magikal abilities. The imminent implosion of the system may indeed be a very rough transition, but we few who actually do the work to demystify the so-called "Dark Arts," will be a light for those to use as a guide in a world predicated the true nature of human existence. Linguistics will play a major role in promulgating these self-empowering devices. We are working to change the language of Magik.

MSI: Continuing to blaze a trail, for free, for you.

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