Monday, January 23, 2012

MSI and the New Aeon: 2012 is Here!

It's a new year at MSI and this is going to be our most exciting year to date. We will be discussing everything from fraudulent esoteric groups that seek to rob people, rather than to provide them any Esoteric benefit, to Matriarchy and the Sacred Feminine, to Cutting edge research into sound, light and color, Shamanism and ways of transcending the matrix. Additionally, we will be establishing our presence on YouTube, where we intend to offer Esoteric instruction, occasional interviews and a more effective way to impart how to live a life without dogmatic restriction or religious ideation.

We feel it is imperative to provide "secrets" others would charge for providing. The new Aeon approaches and with it, the age of information dissemination, be it Alchemical, Magikal, or Entheogen-based Gnostic revelation. We seek to provide specific devices for transcendence, to those seeking to create a new paradigm. This is not a new age forum, but rather, a forum for those wanting to take full responsibility for their reality, as sovereign individuals.

MSI: It's Magik!

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