Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wake Up! Arise and Shine! (Part 1)

Ask yourself this question, "Who am I?”

If you replied to yourself with your name, or perhaps your occupation, then you fell into the trap and are now lost within a shallow, “half-life” reality. If your life has become dominated by “working to live,” and you’re pacified by the likes of video games, computers, multi channel TV or the hope of a yearly holiday, then ask yourself if our ancestors’ struggled to survive through millions of years of biological evolution, against all odds, to bring us to this artificial “utopian” existence.

The media controls our every thought. The authorities (our parents and peers, The State, those having political power or The Government, religion, etc.) decide what we are to accept as “the truth,” so what is really right or wrong? Academic committees decide what we learn, and we are even told what and which way to think! This system of “operant conditioning” and control integrates itself into every part of society and consequently, all parts of our lives. We are born within this system. We have become part of this system. We are the system! We are all collective members of a world society that condemns radical thinking. Even the thoughts that we deem to be “free” have been shaped and corrupted during our infancy via this “system.” What is the answer? Wake up!

W A K E   U P !

Take control of yourself.

Now, ask yourself again, "Who am I?" This time, do you answer with something like this:

“I am the creation of the universal energy that is, in turn, a part of the all.”

Learn to stay open minded, take charge of your own thoughts, think for yourself! Through the miracle of life, we are but several billion atoms that choose to stay bonded within our physical form. Within this “shell” and within every atom the universal, living energy that is part of and connected to the rest of the “All.” More specifically, our living divinity links our soul to the greater “All!” This living soul and inner divinity, when coupled with our free/true will is our key to understanding, manifesting and controlling our own personal reality and that of others; it is also our key to spiritual evolution. It is our link to true Magick and for accessing dimensions with higher vibratory rates, each one of which is our universal birthright!


  1. completely agree with this! I always strive to be my own unique individual, and free my mind of its previous conditioning..

  2. @Richard -- You have an uncanny way of restating complicated Esoteric principles in a way that makes them totally understandable and accessible to those new to the Western Esoteric Tradition.

    @lunajade33995 -- It is great to hear that you are on your way to total intellectual, psychological and spiritual Freedom.

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