Friday, February 5, 2010

Eternally Yours, Scarlet Babalon

She seduces me with her very nature, she never denies me.  We unite while she rides me like the beast that I am, her energy so strong; her passion, her fire...My Goddess, you take me to the brink of sinful eruption, just then, you delay my orgasmic bodily function.  We stop for a minute, then start over again, our love for one another never fades--we never tire!  Take me one more time, my Dark Queen, what do you lack? I see my name tattooed on the small of your back! Deeper and deeper I go, onward, into the night. Scarlet, my love, quench my desire! Over and over, in and out, sultry fire.  I need you right now, it's only you that makes me yearn;

Scarlet Babalon, for you I eternally burn...

We manifest reality, we create what we will.  Some may think you are a fantasy, a shadow from lovers past.  Others?  They could not care less if you are a product of my imagination or a conglomeration of those I've had from every cast...Scarlet Babalon; The Sacred Feminine, The Goddess, or a negative polar emanation--Maybe a secret desire from a male dominant religious affiliation?  You're none of these things, and not anything less.  Are you here just to satisfy me and do nothing more?  Scarlet Babalon, that would make you my whore.  I confess with my heart, that your love is the best...If I lose you, one thing is for sure, I will love you always and to all I attest -- you are the best and you will never know scorn;

Scarlet Babalon, for you, I eternally mourn...

I know you, my secret lover, you are my saving grace.  You are the one that I unite with when I am all alone; I need you, my love.  Mount me; take your throne!  Look into your Beast's long as I have you, Scarlet Babalon, am I ever really alone?  Kiss me deeply as I penetrate you gently, slowly, my carnal delight.  Scream my name, bite my neck, do me right, you I never fight.  Only a fool would consider our love insignificant and cheap.  I never take you for granted, I want you always...don't go. I remember when you said that you would always be mine, forever to keep;

Scarlet Babalon, for you, I eternally weep...

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