Friday, February 26, 2010

Hermetic Reality (Part 1)

Incorporating Hermetics Into Your Personal System of Magick!

The Magickal system of Hermetics is derived from the writings of Hermes Trimegistus whose secret doctrines and mystic teachings allegedly date back to ancient Eygpt and Greece. In 1908 these teachings were published as a condensed system under the name of "Kyballion", this book claimed to be a "master key" by which the Magickal adept or esoteric student could understand and control reality.  These teachings have a working core that consists of "seven principles".These are to be combined as one master under understanding.

The seven principles are as follows:

- The principle of mentalism.
- The principle of correspondence.
- The principe of vibration.
- The principle of polarity.
- The principle of rhythm.
- The principle of cause and effect.
- The principle of gender.

In the following series of articles, we will independently address and evaluate each principle and include information from new scientific advances.  A consise study of these principles will endow the student an invaluable and relavent understanding of the workings of this system.

He/she who has an understanding of reality, controls reality!


  1. Excellent. Funnily, the very first occult book I read was the Necronomicon, the second was the Kyballion. I took it out from the NYC public library. It drew me in, after I read that book I was hooked.

  2. I have a feeling that they expected the Kyballion to replace the bible as the "good book" of choice, religious overtones aside, a lot of its ideas have a very modern feeling to them, I think that were it goes wrong is that it claims to be a complete system, all systems should be left open ended so they can evolve!