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Excerpt from 'Psychology, DNA, and Magik.'

The Fool (excerpt from Psychology, DNA, and Magik, Alcyone Volume I, Number 2, p.202-214, not including footnotes, or references)

The Tarot itself can be divided into 3 basic sections, which are the 22 Trump cards or Major Arcana, the 40 Minor Arcana, and the 16 Court cards. Among other things, the 22 Trump cards each have an association with a Hebrew letter. The letter Aleph is associated with the Fool card.
Aleph is the spiral of the galaxy, which represents both the birthplace of the sun, our star, and it also represents the birthplace of each person’s consciousness, their individual solar center. The movement implied in the shape of Aleph is swirling, just like our galaxy. For this reason, the Fool is thought to have an extra association, even an interchangeability with the final Trump card, the Universe card, to achieve the formulas I.A.O. and O.A.I.
In the Magikal philosophy of S.S.S. (the Order of the Sun, the Snake, and the Star) there’s a special meaning in the Fool card and its association with Aleph, which is that the center of the Milky Way galaxy is thought to be the gate to the other world; which is the Qabalistic world of creation, or the Supernal World of Atziluth, where stars are not only born, but from where they continue draw the massive energy they need to be maintained. This gateway provides a pathway or connection between each person and the center of the galaxy. This gateway is entered through a neural interface in which the Sun connects to each person through their mind by electromagnetic and radioactive waves. These waves stimulate and alter people’s neurochemical patterns, and therefore their perception and interaction with reality. Because each person has differing thoughts, the Sun’s neurological and therefore cognitive influence is different for each person. The purpose of the Magikal process of S.S.S. is to crate a conscious environment in which the powerful forces of the Sun can direct the individual more personally. The Sun is like a massive radio transmitter, except the transmissions are genetic information and the receivers are people and other life forms on Earth. The journey that one’s consciousness makes if they’re successful during life in strengthening their Ka, Khabs, and Khu, is represented as traveling into the realm of Asar, across the seas of millions of years, across the Duat, which is a Light journey into the factory of stars whereby one further enters into the City of the Pyramids. Such is the true doctrine that’s at the bottom of all esotericism and Magik.
Also important to Aleph, and the Fool card, is the Magikal formula I.A.O., and its inverse, O.A.I.. I.A.O. has many levels of symbolism; the most basic is the Egyptian god forms ISIS, APOPHIS, OSIRIS. The goddess Isis symbolizes the formula of birth, or initiation. The arch fiend Apophis symbolizes destruction, or abandonment. The god Osiris symbolizes resurrection, or adeptship.
On a practical level, I.A.O. represents three relative phases of any new undertaking. When there’s a new undertaking, usually at first there’s a phase of excitement and deep interest, when everything is new and mystery is still a powerful motivation. This beginning stage of excitement and newness is the Isis phase, the virgin phase. Then inevitably the Apophis phase begins. Boredom leads one to question the motivation and point of the new work. Often, due to a feeling of discouragement, one may begin to project their hate and disappointment of themselves onto their aspiration, people often begin to disdain what one has initially set out to accomplish. One’s thoughts begin to be deceptive. Moving forward becomes tedious and painful during the Apophis phase. Often one must force oneself to continue. This is typical when trying to master hatha yoga or any other difficult task.
However, if one works through the tedium and discomfort, exhilaration occurs. This release and rediscovered energy is the Osiris phase. It’s a resurrection of a new dawn. A new excitement offers a fountain from which the individual draws a new current and a new approach by which the work can be completed.
People are generally not truly focused until the three phases of this process have occurred. Mostly, people abandon their goal (learning a language, learning a musical instrument, etc.) during the Apophis phase. This leaves them unable to ever actually observe their full potential. Potential and Magikal success are just fa├žades for people who never attempt to master something; in the case of Magik, mastering oneself.
The nature of I.A.O. and O.A.I. is in our perception of time and movement. Great mysteries of the New Aeon are wrapped in these two formulas. By the formulas of I.A.O. and O.A.I. the Fool makes his way across the face of the Earth as he wills, to suckle upon the emergent Light which draws him back into the great womb and universal cosmic egg.
As I.A.O., the fool in the Fool card becomes the magus in the Magus card; thereby gaining an understanding of the mystery of time. The Fool marches with the gods of Time and ultimately morphs into the *LORD*, but first as a strong man who is upon the face of the Earth and who stands before the mighty throne of annihilation, as will be seen in the Magus card. This is the concept of the Giborum, or Asar, whose myth is embedded into the cult of the constellation of Orion. As it states in the Book of Job in the Old Testament:

'Can thou bind sweet influences of the Pleiades, or loose the band of Orion.'

To bind the belt of Orion is a dual reference. One reference is to the actual location, the Orion constellation, and the binding of the alien race to some location, like being sequestered or quarantined, and another reference is to the binding of the races genetically.
This notion of binding is also associated with space and time, and their apparent inseparability, and one of the great secrets of occult science is that time and space are not so deeply interconnected, and knowledge of both time and space in their true nature can transform our biological world through powerful metabolic ways. Science confirms this, but most people don’t understand how this is useful in their practical everyday lives. The missing key is the intuition that is gained through the practice of ritual Magik. The powerful Magikal formula represented by the Fool and by the alchemical element air, is the nature of time. Until time is vanquished; we will be transformative entities, and thus, not gods, and not even like gods.
In the system of S.S.S., the element air is associated with the Rays in the Rays of the Temples of the City of ON that begin with the letter T: Temperance, Truth, and Transcendence.
Air is in constant contact with the Earth. And, as Magicians, it’s known that we are involved in a chemical battle with the material world, because the chemical substrates upon which our perceptions arise neurologically are being manipulated by genetically modified food and a media web of fear based propaganda.
Initiates of S.S.S. understand that their DNA is under attack, and that their mind is the gate to their DNA, therefore they begin to learn to interact with their DNA through powerful psychological rituals; rituals analogous to the food that transforms us metabolically and genetically.
Aleph therefore represents a swirling storm of neurochemical chaos which is the substances upon which our perceptions are encoded, projected, stored, and recalled. This is a system of a type of fractal symbolism which is embedded into the universe, and which Magik works to reveal.
Usually there’s a psychological barrier that inhibits people from really understanding Magik; the inability to let perceptions arise without actual external stimuli. This psychological barrier distresses the entire organism and metabolically forces the person into a repressive and anxious state. Although functional in society, people are in a fog of disconnected limbic behaviors. The limbic system is the system of the brain that deals with automatic process, for instance the fight or flight mechanism is a function of the limbic system. The limbic system consists of parts of the brain such as the amygdala, thalamus, hypothalamus, etc. These parts deal with emotion, and emotional memory. Because of people’s diet and the low level cognitive stimulus in which they immerse themselves, they’re forced into a constant state of heavily influenced limbic behaviors, and what’s perceived can’t be processed because of neurochemical inhibitions. This destroys creativity. And without creativity there’s no Magik. All this is associated with Aleph and therefore the Fool card, because of the time/space constraints involved with neural transmissions.
It’s been found recently by neuroscience that there are nonlocal occurrences occurring in the brain. Non-local phenomenons are when matter, or information, in this case information that the senses perceive as a stimulus, are transmitted through space and time without having moved through either space or time. They have been unbound from space and time.
In other words, when an image hits our retina, our brain seems to know what the image actually is before the photons transmitting the image even get to the brain. The perception of the object and the brain’s cognitions of the object seem to be happening simultaneously, and if not simultaneous, certainly the process seems to be happening much faster than neurons are able to process information and move it around in the brain. This of course, is the essence of creativity.
Creativity is both the essence of Magik and the product of it. Creativity is both the path and the goal. Such is the swirling chaos of the chemical storm that we call neurochemistry.
Aleph is also an alpha wave, which represents a specific function or coordination of the electro neurochemical system. A function that’s critical to generate particular electrical frequencies needed for particular human behavioral, hormonal, and metabolic processes. This technology is the basis for modern social manipulation, and it’s researched heavily by psychologists in various disconnected domains.
Cosmically speaking, alpha waves are an alchemical radioactive force. It’s alchemical because they cause an atom to thrust one of its protons or neutrons out from its nucleus and into an orbital position, thus transmuting it into an electron and altering the atomic number of the atom. This process occurs between Argon and Hydrogen atoms.
For this reason, Aleph is the path on the Tree of Hrumachis that leads from Kether to Binah; because the synergetic Magikal current that moves throughout the paths on the Tree can move multi directionally, either in the direction that moves from Kether to Binah or from Binah to Kether.

If the Magikal current that circulates throughout the paths on the Tree moves equally multi directionally, then Aleph not only has an interchange with Tau, but actually becomes Tau. This means that Aleph represents all 4 seasonal aspects of Polaris, the North Star, which is Axis Mundi, the home of Nuit, north, and the direction of Magik, while Tau represents only the aspect of Polaris at the winter solstice. Really, this is all simply an esoteric code for the prehistoric cataclysm which resulted in an ambulation of the North Pole and a longer year, and serves as a warning for the coming pole-shift.
The first noticed pre-effect of the coming shift was on January 11, 2011, at 1:11pm in Greenland. This numerical sequence of 1/11/11, 1:11 is the resonance of the Fool as Aleph and 111, formulating the mathematical equation 0=11, XI=0. By Gematria Aleph equals 111.
Such ambiguity is the association and Magikal ordeal of the I.A.O./O.A.I. symbolism of the north, and Aleph as both first and last.
This is in fact the formula of I.A.O. when applied to the Qabalistic formula of the Supernal triad, which means that each of the sephirot in the Supernals, which are Kether, Chokmah, and Binah, are actually one in the same. That means that once one has moved beyond Daath, or the Abyss, everything is the same.
The ARRARITA formula is a Magikal formula which represents the unity of all things. ARRARITA means God is One, Unum Deium, which is again a reference to the 111 resonance and the Fool as Aleph.
The references to a ONE GOD, and the powerful psychological influence that this had upon humankind is greatly underestimated. Really, the monotheistic mindset which is so often thought to be a trap and an enslaving doctrine is in fact an intensely powerful cognitive tool. To have the brain controlled and intellectually attentive to one single idea or concept, one GOD so to speak, of which the essence can not be known, has given humankind the powerful ability to speculate upon abstract things. And for this reason, the intense creative urges that the spiritual human being possesses can be suppressed by splintering God and or banishing God from society altogether. There is no greater killer of creativity than a Godless mind.
As O.A.I., the Fool becomes the primeval god Pan, Pan, whistling his sweet tune from high mountains and caves and holier places, he awaits the birth of a Sun from outside this one universe, and moving younger back into the dwells of the forgotten, into the ancient lands of nothing, far beyond the great City of the Pyramids of ON. Yea!- moving backwards into the averse, pan goes on his way.
Aleph means ox in Hebrew, thus we again see the symbol of the power of movement. In the New Aeon of Hrumachis for which the O.Z Tarot Deck was specifically designed, we attempt to expand our symbolism and language to depict the cosmology of Thelema and Sa’ON, and also modern science.
The ox was a symbol of the matriarchal age and its associated cults. There were extreme metabolic advantages gained through the domestication of animals and farming. This allowed societies to eat in abundance, which in turn provided the enormous energy that the modern human brain demands. The caloric intake offered by tactical farming and its evolution alongside social cultures no doubt was a feat of high Magik. It furthered human consciousness by transforming and advancing the entire human potential through metabolic means.
Food generates thoughts, and that can never be forgotten. Not until people are not terrified of starving do they seem human. When humans are in fear, they act like animals. But humans are not simply animals, and this must also never be forgotten.
Here, then, the Fool is the Milky Way. Further, Aleph is the swirling motion of the swastika because as already said, that represents the Sun and the pole star in all it various phases. The swastika is Ursa Major rotating around Polaris. Therefore it’s a solar symbol, but the symbol is SOLAR NORTH, which is the direction of the Magik of the Septagram.
Also, it’s a symbol of the Great Equinox, and the cyclic precession; the calendric oath by which the Magicians move upon the face of the Earth, shedding their skin, to roam uncountable fathoms beneath the sheen and glisten of truth and the LIGHT of the *LORD*. Therefore it’s also associated with the ancient Sumerian and Babalonian god Tamuz, or Damuzi, who is known as the Roman god Janus from where we get the name for the month January, because the Fool is the first card, and gazes both ahead and behind, as Janus or January is the first month and gazes to the future and back into the past. This is the legend of Parsifal and the tale of Siegfried in the Wagnerian operas and Nordic mythology.
This adventure, this gnosis, this set of circumstances and dreaded Abysses, this unknown fear and fatigue, this LOVE and WILL, all this is the path of the Fool. Civilization upon civilization, whether by Thuban or Polaris or Vega, or by another star, they lighted and navigated their way across the face of the dark Earth, as each person was each set upon their own journey into the vast and exciting universes and worlds of the blazing star that awaited them.
The Fool, as the beginning Magikal initiate, shall go forth as a god into the beaming white Light of the center of all, to experience the crystalline illumination of the Mother of the Father of Stars.
The Fool is the cross and the Galaxy is the ox. Thus the Fool is the leg, which is the ancient Egyptian symbol for the constellation that holds Polaris.
In the traditional Tarot the Fool is depicted with the angle of his stick moving into the Sun, which is the falling Sun because it’s shown as white. The beaming white sun is a symbol of the white dog of Scorpio, the fifth sphere, Mars, Giburah, the lands of the Giborum.
In the O.Z. Tarot the Fool is depicted as an Aleph bursting forth out of the sky, signaled by the cross, the Great Bear, which is the North Star’s constellation Ursa Major. And as will be seen in the Hierophant card, the Fool will become the constellation Cygnus, which is the Magik phoenix of the Pleistocene, and the constellation the Summer Triangle.
All this is the beginning of time, and the end of time. This all refers to the first time, the zero point of the great Platonic year, Zep Tepi as it’s called in Khemetic. These again, are all references to the lion, and the lion serpent, the Sphinx, or Hrumachis, and the mixing of human DNA with the rebel extraterrestrials from the direction of the constellation Orion.

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