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Excerpt from ALCYONE volume 1 number 2 (pages 44-68)

However, though difficult, it’s critical for people to interact with the subtle aspects of their environment, and really socially this type of developmental process, or initiation, is embedded into the world’s mythologies.
Symbols are a powerful occult force that’s at the heart of all human cultural experience. Symbols can be used as a tool of suppression as is the case in politics, or it can be used for liberation as is the case with metaphysics and especially Magik.
The reason that people confuse Magik and basic symbolism is because the nature of a Magikal symbol can’t be conveyed through language. Magikal symbols are much different than the ordinary types of symbols known and used by everyone. The main difference between a symbol used for Magikal purposes and a symbol used for mundane purposes is that a Magik symbol has an entirely personal definition, and therefore is only potent to the individual that actually created the symbol. Symbols that are not created for a specific purpose are ambiguous and worthless; they are not Magikal unless they are geared for a specific intent.
Non individualized symbols have ambiguous meanings not because of the inherent nature of the symbol’s relationship with the perceiver, but because the perceiver has been in contact and subjected to the descriptions and biases of other people regarding the symbol. This alone demeans the symbol, and causes a degeneration of its Magikal potency. Thus, it’s mundane, like a county map or a grocery store receipt, or a political slogan.
For a Magik symbol to be comprehended it must be directly experienced. Direct experience is the thesis of the Magikal system that’s put forth in this book. Psychologist William James understood the necessity of direct experience in order for people to understand the reality and nature of something and how it affects them. James used the example of a child and a flame, to understand fire and the full nature of fire someone must first put their finger to the flame and get burnt.
Similarly, to begin to understand Magik one must begin to do Magik. One must move forward working their Magikal regimen knowing that it’s a technology in which symbols are used to interface with the human nervous system. Using symbols to interact with human neurology will in turn transform and unlock dormant aspects of the human genome that need to be activated for further Magikal initiation. Therefore, ultimately, Magik must be experiential.
The reason that symbols can be used for such powerful cognitive purposes is that symbols are configured with both historical and personal components. Language, gestures, icons, and artifacts are all types of symbols with highly sophisticated personal and cultural interpretations and explanations, and none of which’s meanings are fully transmittable from one person to another. In this sense, all symbols contain secrets because although people may explain their interpretation of a symbol, they would still be unable to explain their complete perception and their fullest conceptualizations about the symbol and how it affects them mentally, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.
Human behavior in the modern world is mostly symbolic. People don’t usually consider that most of their behavior is symbolic. Therefore people do not intentionally and willfully interact with the symbolic realm or repertoire that has covertly been generated around them over the course of their lives. Unfortunately, mostly people’s symbolic repertoire is created for them through suggestions and impressions made by culture and media.
Culture is a man-made social network, a simulacrum by which we can all experience the same reality and experience the same sensations through the same coherent symbol system. Once this matrix of sameness is perceived, the knowledge of it becomes the force that thrusts the Magician into the Abyss. This is one of the great Ordeals of S S S . If the matrix of sameness is not perceived, it will provide countless pleasures for a person.
Magikal symbols ultimately give human beings a cognitive type of depth perception. Magicians reprogram their whole psyche with symbols and thus enter into a whole new realm of reality with which most people’s central nervous system has not been exposed and therefore can not perceive. Once people enrich their lives with the colorful and powerful use of intentional and Magikal symbolism, they will begin to experience the world in a new and individual way.
There are many kinds of symbols. The most powerful symbols are of course those that interact neurologically with human emotions and empathy. Potent iconic imagery, such as that found in mythology, inspires the perceiver with reality transforming cognitions, which then will generate new neural pathways and neural connections which over time will formulate new concepts in the mind of the perceiver, and thus a whole new reality. Some of the most potent symbols today, although ill used and serve to oppress people’s individuality and creativity, are money, corporate logos, and political iconography. The Magikal power of symbols is that they generate an actual neural substrate in the form of electricity, chemicals, and electromagnetic energy, upon which people can weave the fabric of their reality or various realities, store that information, and use it to interface with unknown parts of the universe. Correctly used, the brain is a technology for activating a Magik portal.
O n a practical psychological level, symbols are aggregates of visual representations of often highly complex and far reaching concepts that lose something when put into a simple lexicon. When the meaning of a Magikal symbol is attempted to be explained, the essence typically can’t be captured.
In society, people spend lots of conscious energy trying to extract the various kinds of information that the social world has embedded into symbols. The speed at which one operates and can utilize symbolic and coded information within any symbolic system depends not only upon one’s comprehension of the symbol system itself, but also of the complexity of the occult nature of symbols, themselves, and the world around them. In other words, with symbols- context is everything!
One of the most mysterious systems of symbols is words. Words are intensely symbolic. Words are not just practical, but are also hieroglyphs and sigils which have been both socially and individually imbued with vast meaning. Words are embedded with essence and principles which empower it to invoke concepts and images in the mind of the perceiver. For instance, seeing the word windmill will no doubt almost instantaneously cause the image of a windmill to invade your mind. This is so automatic that it’s practically unstoppable. This example is just a simple illustration of the extreme power of language.
In fact, language is a social grimoire, and it’s entirely overlooked as a Magik book of spells.
The English language may be one of the most potent Magikal grimoires currently on the planet. Just think of the powerful impact English has had upon the Earth and the immense power that the fluent English speaker commands in the modern world. For this reason an English Qabala is used by S S S , as dictated by the Law of the Old Aeon in Liber Legis in 1904 (the Book of the Law).
The power of sound is described in many ancient texts. When sound is combined with meaning, it generates a powerful cognitive realm that ultimately provides the mental associative vibration and symbolic substrate upon which human development occurs.
Psychology adopted the motto nature vs. nurture to describe what affects development. Nature and nurture imply the convergence and divergence of two key components of human reality— genetics and environment. These two components are also of critical importance to modern Magik. In S S S , nature is DNA, nurture is ritual. These two components are linked and held together by sound, and sound is ultimately just a byproduct of movement.
One of the ramifications of language and Magik is that it changes people’s perceptions, their behavior, and thus their personal experience. People’s personal experience of course plays a critical role in the types of meanings and interpretations they imbue to particular symbols and how they will use the symbols. For this reason, a massive effort exists to collectivize culture, so that there is no discrepancy in what certain things mean. This is the story of the Tower of Babel, a global language and system of control. This illusion is broken with the initiation of Tipareth and the dawn of a person’s Khabs.
In modern society, one of the great barriers keeping people from Magikal success is that they are told by science that they are animals. And, animals behave in expected ways. Psychology has hashed out much of the mysterious nature to animal behavior in behaviorist laboratories. Many behaviors have been classified and how to systematically manipulate animal behavior has been largely revealed. Once behaviors are classified and understood they are said to be stereotypical of the particular animal and are expected to be predictable.
Similar to the way in which psychologists scrutinize and manipulate animal behavior in laboratories in order to learn to control the animal’s behavior, institutions inside society perform the same types of manipulations to control people, this is the origin of the matrix of sameness. The matrix of sameness is actually perceived as stereotypes and expected behaviors that are transmitted to people symbolically through cultural systems such as media and entertainment. People adopt stereotyped behaviors because they are lured by the power that these behaviors wield over others, which is of course an illusion. Powerful media-manufactured personalities which are known to succeed in the man-made social world are adopted by people because of the reliability of these prepackaged and mass produced personalities.
Psychologist Lev Vygotsky suggested that animals are unable to perform behaviors that are meaningless to the context of an actual situation. They are incapable of performing actions which are arbitrary or sense-less. They are devoid of creativity. Suppressing someone’s creativity is Black Magik, as it dehumanizes people and makes them act like laboratory rats. It’s critical not to underestimate the powerful influence that the media has upon all of our cognitions and thus all of our behaviors. Really, our entire social reality is a holographic construct of the media, including not only our thoughts, but the words we use to describe our thoughts. The homogenous matrix in which we all exist is really just one massive operating system by which we all must operate. Magik breaks the grip that this terrible conditioning has upon us, and gives us the tools by which we can function in society after being unhooked from the collective and suppressing social system. As already said, the power to overcome this influence is first discovered in the sphere of Tipareth when one confronts their Angel.
It’s through reductionism and the parsimony of human behavior that rationalism fulfills its exploits of humanity. This is all done in the name of progress. And, as the old cliché goes- for the good of the many, which is of course a lie and a talismanic slogan to sedate someone’s personal ambition and subject them to the herd mentality. The herd mentality is the invisible force of social control, the death of humankind, the enslaving current of the Black Brothers and the New World Order, which is of course world socialism and world communism. Ultimately, the conscious (and unconscious) mental energy of the herd supplies energy to the matrix.
Magik abhors a uniform culture and the culling of individual liberty. Therefore Magik’s enemies are the homogenizers, the communists, the Marxists, and the socialists. Culturalization and socialization are to Magicians euphemisms for homogenization and mass control. Magicians must work alone in order to remain free from the powerful social conditioning forces of the masses. Such is the oath of Silence to which the Magician and the Hermetic is bound.
Magik never moves in unison with society, it guides society from afar. Magikal thoughts create reality for those without Magikal thoughts. And again, this is done and conveyed to other people symbolically, and it operates upon the human brain subliminally. There’s really nothing mysterious about this process. The human nervous system is built to perceive the world in particular ways. For instance, the human eye is built to perceive visual stimuli through a light based activation process by which it responds to particles of light, which are called photons.
The problem of modern human society is that it’s propped up by synthetic concepts and illusions and people do not realize their impotency. Transmitting the meanings of symbols from one person to another becomes dogmatic. Traditionally, people interpret symbols with the dogma that they were given by their predecessors and the doctors of their system. It’s this force of collectivism that Magicians must first shed in order to come to a fuller potential and a richer existence.
The purpose of Magik is not to absorb dogma. The purpose is to use the mind to transform the body; the purpose of Magik is to create the conditions which allow one’s inner genius to emerge. Magik, properly understood, will transform one’s material body into a body of Light.
Because Magik is such an intense and occult process, Magicians must recruit modern science to help with the effort. The most able Magicians are always on the cutting edge of science. It’s through science that Magik gleans new methodologies to yield its desired ends. It’s the powerful combination of Magik and science, (or empiricism and creativity) that unleashes the true potential of humankind. The process of Magiko-scientific exploration has always driven human beings into the most profound regions of human potential. The exploration of a new synthesis of this process is the focus of this book.
It’s critical to understand that it’s inside every cell in the human body that Magikal transformation occurs. The ultimate end to modern Magik, and this book, is to explore a unique system of Magik that transforms human DNA meta-psychically. This is done through ritualizing particular behaviors which impact the nervous system, which then in turn transforms the body’s metabolic state, which then transforms the deeper neurological states, which ultimately powerfully impacts the body’s genetic code. The biological underpinnings of this process are being discovered by various domains in science, especially genetic neuroscience. It’s the Magikal community that will integrate these various sciences into an organized and useful system for people so that it can be applied to modern life.
One of the major problems people have with being successful with any type of spiritual development, especially Magik, is that they are too homogenized and can’t break free from the group mindset. Almost everyone with whom we come into contact suffers from world view syndrome. World view syndrome is what emerges when someone adopts other people’s adaptations or versions of an experience or situation instead of or as a replacement of one’s own actual world experience. This is of course a symptom of technology. There is no need to go into the massive literature on dreams and the ability of a dream to affect people’s behavior. In fact, whole societies have been based upon the interpretation and authenticity of an important person’s dream (i.e., the prophet Daniel, the dream of Joseph regarding the transfer of baby Jesus from Israel to Egypt, Constantine’s dream of the cross, Martin Luther King’s dream…etc.).
So it’s of course not difficult to understand how powerfully influential an actual electronic interface would be, knowing that our eyes send information that has been de/recoded chemically and electronically to interface on a cellular level from an outside source the same way whether it’s real, a dream, holographic, or even a simulacrum like a computer screen. This process is critical to understanding how information is dealt with visually and ultimately with all the other known human sensory modalities- touch, hearing, smell, and taste. But of course, there is the sum of these modalities, which is cognition, then the sum of cognition and the lesser of its parts, etc. This gives rise to an infinite regress. Ultimately, a dream and a computer screen are the same type of artificial two dimensional image.
This is the creative potency of humans, and this exactly is what drives us to live without real and absolute knowledge of what’s at stake. Other alien civilizations, possibly far more knowledgeable about the physical universe and the ways in which it operates, can still not do the simple things that we do and for the reasons that we do it. It’s this dynamic, the motivation conundrum, that has caused piles of words to fall from the mouths of the most debauched scientific men, angered, embittered, and pessimistic towards their materialist cause, to ultimately proclaim that parsimony and reductionism is not an end, but only an elementary tool. It’s about INTENT. Intent is an invisible and immeasurable factor in the equation of the doer. Intent is the X-factor in any Magik process. In the sterilized spiritless antihuman world view of the atheists and the Darwinists, there is no purpose to human existence; human life is simply a random accident, just an argument of probability and statistics.
However, this is not to be confused with the misunderstanding that intention is absolute. Of course, in Magik the rituals must be done. Only with ritual does intention become an exponential factor. Without the actual ritualistic work, intent is simply a flamboyant and flippant gesture into the wind. In other words, intention is not a substitute for discipline.
The old mess that still lurks throughout the dusty halls of the money grubbing legacy builders, which is an aberration from DO WHAT THOU WILT, should not be confused with the above words regarding intention. Just as the lazy drones took DO WHAT THOU WILT to mean do what you want, don’t confuse this important diatribe regarding intention as a similar opportunity for weakness. Because lazy people fester around occult matters, just as they fester around television sets, and movie theaters- just like other bugs, the mundane herds fester around flashy lights and illumination.
That all said, without a holistic understanding of the nature of our minds and bodies, and the electromagnetic current upon which consciousness draws its perceptions, people will not be able to illuminate their soul.
The soul resides inside the nucleus of each cell in the human body. The soul has three stages of development, the Ka, Khabs, and the Khu.
Technically speaking, the purpose of ritual Magik is to create stimuli through which our brains generate new neuronal connections and pathways. These neural pathways become portals to subtle etheric realms outside the normal spectrum of human perception. Magicians then continue to reinforce these neural pathways ritualistically in order to build and maintain their astral temple. Such pathways, as every other neural circuitry, interact with the human organism metabolically, which then affects the individual’s genetics.
However, a critical aspect of understanding one’s genetic capabilities and shortfalls is in knowledge of one’s history. For instance, knowing that one’s family history includes diabetes allows for preventative measures to suppress the gene. Similarly, with Magik, knowing human history can offer a more complete comprehension of human potential.
Really, not until the early industrial era in the mid 1800’s did human beings have the opportunity to express themselves individually. There’s simply been no room in western society before collective imperialism to allow a sense of individuality to emerge in individuals. That is, to allow a sense of individuality to emerge beyond that which is under the direct influence of the state or the cult. Still today, people’s individuality is being powerfully suppressed both by themselves and institutions. Suppression of individuality has caused a catastrophic psychosis in modern civilization. This is the origin of the herd mindset.
The safety of lacking an individual consciousness is a powerful drive to which humankind is once again on the verge of completely digressing. The radical call for socialism and communism in current societies relates this primeval fear of self actualization and self responsibility. This is not the case for the Magicians. We now face a battle on the Earth which is for our personal Liberty and Magikal heritage.
Instead of looking into their own consciousness and experiences for knowledge and guidance, people will seek society’s experts, leaders, or gurus to guide them through the wilderness of their lives. The ritual of the Knowledge and Conversation with one’s Holy Guardian Angel gives individuals the power to abandon mass opinions so that the SELF can emerge as guide.
The emerging archetypes of the internet, mass communication, and global society will become powerful mental constructs. They will be used to suppress genetic predispositions for individualistic thinking and individual behavior. Powerful urges such as these are deeply entrenched in modern society. Fortunately, the awake are given the opportunity to break free during certain times in the transit of the solar system.
Until recently, psychologists believed that once an individual’s brain had stopped developing, no new neuronal generation occurred. This is now known to be false. In fact, adults continue to generate new neurons until death. This means that all through the course of human development, the human brain is still making room for new knowledge and new concepts. This neural generation is the essence upon which ritual Magik and the human genome’s symbiotic relationship is based, and how it’s bound to the galaxy and the Sun’s transit through it.
Therefore, now instead of balancing the traditional four elements associated with Magik (earth, air, water, and fire), we seek to explore the 7 regions of the hyper-human universe. Each of the 7 regions is a portal to another dimension; the regions are the Metaphoric, Metaphysic, Metatonic, Metabolic, Metapsychic, Metacthonic, and Metatronic. These 7 primal domains are explored with all the rigor, attention, and calculations of a modern scientific laboratory.
If this system of Magik is followed, and the work is done with an empirical approach, success is inevitable.
After the emergence of the Holy Guardian Angel (H.G.A.), the aspirant will have the Knowledge to compose their own rites. Composing one’s own rituals is critical because each individual has a particular phenotype, and in order to interact with their own phenotype the rites must be individually tailored. Of course, this can only be done by the actual individual.
Once one’s Magik is understood, and the matrix of sameness is seen, the initiate is immediately pulled into the Abyss. The Abyss is a state of complete mystical entrenchment. When inside the Abyss one loses their old personality, often one will shed old social relationships and even make a career change. The Abyss forces one to question everything they had previously thought they had known. In the Abyss, the Mage learns to put every part of themselves against its opposite- people meet their shadow.
After exiting the Abyss, the Magician rises as a Metatron. A Metatron is Supernal, and has activated and suppressed the proper aspects to their genetic code. Activating their full genetic potential ascends them to the realm of the Immortals. Enoch and Elijah would be examples of Metatronic adepts, because they did not have to die physically in order to ascend.
At this time, it’s critical for humankind to regain an aptitude for the esoteric traditions because modern civilization has been driven from truth and has descended into a deep illusion. Sciences, religions, international-banks, governments, and others, all hope to grab the mantle of power by which the illusion is controlled. In madness, no doubt the rabble will soon banish the Creator from the creation altogether, and we will witness the emergence of the humanity-gods.
Dark days are ahead; the myths that condition humankind are archaic and insidious, and are mutating into greater and more deadly monsters. One must be adept in many various systems and histories, otherwise the chaos becomes overwhelming and creativity is turned off. In order to learn to Magikally navigate through the chaos, one must be devoted first to THEMSELVES, and then to the Art. We are in fact in the midst of a diabolical genetic war.
It’s critical to maintain a Magikal focus because evil is attempting to create for humankind a New World religion. This religion is a pseudo scientific centralized dictatorial oligarchy of fierce eugenics, genocide, deception, and slavery. However, this world governmental religion will be promoted as peace. It will be zealously accepted by many as the only means to save the world and it will be harshly forced upon the dissenters. The basis of this doctrine has three components: that humankind is an animal, that all life emerged from an inorganic and inanimate cosmic soup, and that human civilization has always advanced linearly.
This doctrine, however, is simply a means by which humankind is being further separated from its true history and potential. All this, so humankind will be taken by the ultimate deception that an invading alien race is the gods of the human race, and that they should submit to the will of the invading aliens, which will be first co-inhabitation, then genetic fusion.
This doctrine is being cast over the population by first eliminating the nation state, and all social constructs that separate people ethnically and racially. Once people accept all humanity as one people, then the conditioning will begin. The conditioning suggesting that all races in the galaxy are one united people, and so forth. In this way, the socialist/communist deception being spun around the masses currently is simply the starting point for manipulating humans to consider alien races as brethren.
People who want to maintain the sovereignty of the Earth, and maintain humans as the only inhabitants, will be considered galactic racists. Ridding the Earth of the nation state, and steeping the entire world in an ultra left-winged radical type of socialism is the current strategy being made by the traitor humans on behalf of their alien overlords.
Evolution is a major part of this manipulation. Evolutionarily reducing all life to protoplasm is the religion of the antihuman and the method by which the doctrine of alien cohabitation is being begun. There’s no scientific system that can demonstrate the fundamental notion of modern scientific cosmology- that organic life emerged from in-organic matter. But still, people hate God, and they froth at the mouth over the concept of a full blown secular Earth, governed by atheist scientists and corrupt legislators.
To most people who have no higher cause or belief in God, science is a religious faith to which they emotionally cling as much as the fundamentalist of any overt religion. The truth is that unless one is actually doing science, it’s difficult to discriminate between legitimate experimental sciences like molecular chemistry and physics, from pseudo science and scientific mythologies like man-made global warming, the Big Bang, or the emergence of life and selective human evolution and the Darwinian continuity of the species.
Emmanuel Kant pondered what provoked humankind’s religious belief in a God. Kant stated he was awed by two things, the starry heavens and man’s accountability to God. Many believe that an accountability to God exists because humankind is fearful, and this of course would be the claim of the atheists. However, humankind’s accountability to God exists in spite of its fear, not due to it. And despite all the human experience and testaments to the contrary, the naysayers continue to chant their slogans that a belief in an immaterial and infinite God is a delusion and a psychopathological symptom, and is keeping humankind from any real progress.
The basis of the emerging New World religion is a concentration on material reality. It claims that reality is the objective consensus of the state of things, reality is where the known laws of physics operate reliably. In this materialist faith, RATIONALITY is GOD.
Interestingly, also rationality is becoming lost to people. There’s an attempt to shut off our rational faculties with chemicals in our food, psychopharmacological drugs, and a steady flow of propaganda. All this, while at the same time trying to enthrone rational sense as GOD. This is the paradox of the Black Brotherhood.
The diabolical combination of chemically toxic food, psycho-active pharmacology, and political and social propaganda is a gestalt drip-feed type of brainwashing that the masses have been conditioned to accept and to self administer. And because the bulk of the population is undernourished, dumbed-down, and drugged, any criticism towards the mainline social program is met with vicious retaliation from the overlords and their herds.
As said, a fundamental deception of the radical socialist agenda that’s being cast over the human race is that there is a reality, and reality is physical. Really, there’s no underlying reality at all. Reality is an illusion, or more accurately a 2 dimensional hologram that’s being projected onto our neo-cortex, that can be transformed from moment to moment, image to image, and from concept to concept. And this of course is all based upon perspective and various levels of individual perceptive acuity.
Quantum theorists and psychologists both have laboratory evidence that an observer of any natural phenomenon alters the phenomenon simply by observing it. If we look closely there’s a play on words here, because to alter consciousness, the Magician does his work upon an altar. For this reason it’s critical for Magicians to not cross the planes- meaning, not to confuse the possibilities in one realm with the possibilities of another (i.e., the events in the atomic and the subatomic worlds are not interchangeable in this reality).
Magikal systems of the past gave the elemental formulas (earth, air, fire, and water) so people could learn about the critical harmonics of the Ka, Khabs, and Khu. Now, S S S is with mankind to help those who wish to move into the New Aeon armed with Magikal rites specifically formulated for the onslaught and clash of forces in the looming genetic war. The world is on the brink of a darkness not yet known to the mind of humankind, and many will not survive the coming smash.
The Magik of S S S is a Magik of work, not hope. The substrate Law of the Strong given in Crowley’s Book of the Law, which states that ‘Slaves shall serve,’ made certain this new genetic Magik.
When the New Age of Hrumachis comes upon the Earth, the Law of the Strong will be the substrate upon which people will be emboldened and wage fierce battle for the human soul and for the LORD. This terrible war will be initiated by rebellions that engulf the cities after the first wave of alien/human hybrids begin to be announced. By this point, most of the population will have been brainwashed into supporting the destruction of individuality and of the human genome. The herds will clamor to mix human DNA with the invading alien race. Again, under the deception that this race is our gods and we are being genetically upgraded.
People will not be able to fathom that this race is a parasitic and diabolical race that has been attempting to fuse their genes with human genes for ages. People will not believe the true diabolical nature and intent of the invaders, because as all devils, they will cloak themselves in peace and dupe the weak willed.
This plan involves this invading races’ inability to procreate. But, they are able to clone themselves, and have manipulated the human genome in the past. However, they are unable to genetically clone humans without both male and female human DNA so they have to mix their own genes in as a third component. Ultimately, they want to be able to rid the human male gene, and fuse their genes directly with human women’s genes alone. This genetic creation, they believe, will be able to reproduce, which again they are currently unable to do. If they do not figure out how to create offspring that can reproduce, their race will soon cease to exist. In fact, as they are sterile, they are a dying breed.
An ambition to re-create the mythological paradise is maintained by the sorcerers who have given themselves over to this diabolical cause. Ambition is the substrate upon which the utopia concept is layered, and which premises the ultimate deception that this ancient memory of a paradise of complete health and long life will be available with the grace of this invading race and the genetic disposition that will be benefitted to humankind through the genetic fusion of the two races.
People’s personal ambitions often force them into the service of others. In this case, people who serve the alien overlords and betray their human brethren are ambitious to receive the gifts that they have been promised, which are of course lies. Therefore adepts of Magik choose wisely which personal ambitions they serve, and try to determine who else their ambitions might force them to serve.
We inherited our God from Egypt. The Egyptians were originally monotheistic. And according to the Egyptian myth, Amen-Ra created the entire universe with a Magik word because he wanted to be known. Amen-Ra created Shu and Tefnet, which symbolize wet and dry, and Nu and Seb which are Heaven and Earth. And from the union of Heaven and Earth came five children, Osiris, Isis, Set, Heru, Nebt.
Osiris was the Man-God, the Son of God, who conquered death through resurrection. It’s clear that the Judeo-Christian doctrine had been inherited from Egypt, and it plainly states in the Old Testament that Moses was learned in the ways of the Egyptians. S S S teaches that ideologies that convey an afterlife were actual scientific processes of the original creators of humankind, and the universe. Ideologies that teach polytheism and of earth worship, and no individual identity in the afterlife are degradations of the true religion of the stars, given to humankind after the genetic manipulation of the human race. Through the ages, prophets have conveyed the process by which humankind could return to the ultimate LIGHT. Osiris was probably the first of these prophets. Christ of course was the first organic incarnation of actual Light.
The Orders of the White Brotherhood such as S S S offer human beings their true identity and prepare the human race for the return of the LORD of LIGHT and the imminent battle with the invading alien race.
The ultimate aim of those using the Babalonian New World system is to implement control upon the whole Earth through a centrally controlled global pseudo scientific religious dictatorship, a bureaucracy in which the world can be properly propagandized to accept the message of the alien overlords.
There are four main cults that operate as parts of the Babalonian machine. The star cult or the stellar cult publicly worships the Sun, but secretly they worship Promethius and Lucifer, who were of course the invading alien race. The cult of Saturn is the legal arm of the system, the lawyers, judges, and domestic police. The cult of the virgin goddess and the moon is the national cult, which will be the first to be dissolved with the undoing of the nation state. And the Aryan cult, which provides the critical blood sacrifices to the gods through the rituals of warfare. All of the cults use ritualistic pedophilia and human sacrifice. The war must be done alchemically.
In alchemy, Magnum Opus (the Great Work) is believed by many to be the emergence of the man-god; symbolized by the transmutation of metals from the base to the precious. This metaphor is correct in that the true Philosopher’s Stone is the making of a man-god, but the proper key to this occult method has been lost. The secrets of this art have decorated the temples in Egypt, especially Abydos and Karnak, for over 6000 years and still are available in the plain open for anyone who wishes to be initiated into this Magik.
Initiates of S S S learn to read many ancient languages, including Egyptian hieroglyphics, in order to experience the primary occult systems and read the materials first hand instead of relying upon others to translate and interpret the texts. Rarely do people with both legitimate scientific and experimental experience and a deep interest in the occult advance writings relating to or regarding to ancient texts of Magik. It’s believed that the most ancient structures were attempts by the invading alien races through the ages to mimic the first Pyramids of On, which were built by our true creators and God race.
After the fall of Egypt and the bulk of the culture lost its ability to read the sacred hieroglyphics, long after the invading alien race superimposed the controlling doctrine over the ancient Egyptian religion of Osiris, the star religion was put into the secret societies, sub rosa as it’s said. It still remains there today and is used as an occult force to control the populations. The inner religion of the New World Order is in fact that of ancient Egypt, but this is never communicated to the public overtly, it’s done symbolically.
The secret doctrine is embedded into the tales of Atlantis, which became the controlling system of Egypt and thus the New World Order: the genetic procreation of the human race without sex (i.e., human cloning), the hierarchical structure of matter, and the afterlife.
The ruling classes keep this alchemical-genetic agenda secret. This conspiracy was initially called Babalon, and was the scheme of Nimrod. The Greeks inherited the program and the secrets were kept in the lineage of Socrates and the Boulomai, and culminated with Alexander. Socrates was executed because he was divulging the secret doctrine to the rabble. The Romans called the tyranny the Republic, and celebrated its accomplishments under the rhetoric of the Pax Romana. After the fall of the Roman Empire the Holy Roman Empire (the Church) of the middle ages called the global agenda the Crusades. Today the global tyranny has many names, globalization, environmentalism, Socialism, political correctness, and the New World Order are but a few.
Today this agenda has been disseminated under the language of modernization, or industrialization. The United Nations is the most publicly visible mechanism for this agenda. The agenda is financed by global banks; this is the secret of the secular temple.
As said, the Tree of Life is a metaphor for DNA. The entwined snake suggests the activation of the serpent, or the Nephilim genetic. The Qabala is a mnemonic device, and a system of intonations for God-names such as yd# l), which is Saturn. Also, it’s a method of assimilating mathematical ideas into human consciousness. Learning to intone the names is critical to the Qabalistic and Magikal system of S S S .
The Qabala is also a mathematical system that’s used to activate and transmute the genetic code of a human being. It’s a tool by which humans activate their genetic potential by a top down process instead of a bottom up process like the New World Order’s materialistic and tenuous theory of selective and linear human evolution. For this reason, Qabala has been historically suppressed.
S S S teaches a process of changing the mind and body with internal and extra-psychical means, instead of simply allowing the external physical environment to control the mind and change the body.
Darwinian evolution suggests that evolution is a bottom up process, meaning that environmental conditions cause biological change. This means that humankind is a simple reactionary organism that has no stake in its own evolution. This is of course rejected by Magik, and especially by S S S , which stipulates that each individual may psychically cause his own genetic awakening, and then thus trigger the genetic awakening of others. Again, this is why occult knowledge is suppressed.
The Aeon of Horus as proclaimed by Aleister Crowley in 1904, in Cairo Egypt, with the transmission of the Book of the Law from Aiwass, an extra-dimensional intelligence, over the course of three days. Since the time of the proclamation of this Law, the world has spun into chaos. Now, more than a century after the initiation of the New Aeon, it has become clear that the Aeon that Crowley proclaimed is waning and we are now upon the dawn of the rise of Heru Ma Khuit, the double wanded serpent god, the resurrected sun god to prehistoric Egypt.
Hru Ma means literally in Egyptian the lion faced- Hru meaning face, and Ma meaning lion. The lions are the kings, thus the KINGU, the rebel that was mixed with mankind. This was the legend of Nimrod, and Gilgamesh transforming into a strong man- a GIBORUM. Hru Ma is the lion faced aryan god, seen on Mars as the anthropomorphic lion-faced man. The lion is the serpent, the permutations of the quadrennial points of the precession. This war has been embedded into the stone monuments of Giza.
One of the names of Horus was Heru Paar Kraat. Heru Paar Kraat was a warrior god, thereby a god of destruction and analysis. Heru Maa Kuit is a God of Magik and Awakening, thus creation and synthesis.
Since Crowley’s prophecies have come to pass the world has been brought to global war numerous times, and has been on the brink of global destruction for almost a century with the nuclear age. As the system fully comes to a crash, those who will inherit the human race shall be those of the Law, the ‘Kings of the Earth.’ But they shall also know that this is a lie against them.
Those who can not escape enslavement shall become fodder for the kings, Strong men who roam the face of the Earth. It’s those who can’t emancipate themselves from the group mind, those who have no strength to die for their own Liberty that shall lose everything. This is the ‘Law of the Strong.’
In this New Age, a Magikal philosophy is being replaced by a Magikal methodology. The Magik of Horus was victory and vengeance, and the Magik of Hrumachis is alchemy and transformation. The Law of qelhma is being replaced by the Law of Magik. This is because the current of qelhma has been disgraced and has fallen to the hands of clowns; it has become worthless to the intense galactic power of the Aeon that humankind now faces. qelhma is so blind that it ignores the problem exists.
qelhma was a solar/cosmic law, this is obsolete. We now understand the law of galactic heliocentricity and are accorded with a cosmic and galactic law as Magi. We recognize the solar and phallic tradition of the old age, that wonderful Magikal Thelemic age from which we have all been nurtured and educated. However, the battle for which we have been preparing is coming swiftly, and Thelema is not enough to defeat our enemies. Thelemic Magik will not stand to face this dragon. Understand that S S S is a system not to replace qelhma, but to be placed above it, as a superimposition.
Do what thou wilt was a substrate upon which chaos was brewed. Thus, now the next Magus must come to that formula and place it into action. In order to break up the minds of the old slave age, it was first necessary to initiate a rebellion. Now that generations have past, the rebellion is waning and the rabble must again be awoken to serve a new Magik Law. A nobler Law of humankind are the laws given by S S S , which shall put order to the entropic chasm of Magik which sprawls out before us in the Xaos storm.
The aeons of the gods are not all fixed in time as the prophets of previous ages believed. We use the equinoctial precession as a symbolic interface with these great ages. But in reality, and more Magikally, these ages through which we move are not fixed, but they interact with the human central nervous system. And, the larger our concept of the universe, the faster come the dawns of the ages.
In the Age of Osiris, a transition was made into the Magikal formula of the dying and resurrecting god, as with the Aeon of Horus there was a transition from the dying god to the self-god. Now with the Aeon of Hrumachis the Magikal formula is that of eternal consciousness- called Sa’ON. So we transition from the self-god, to the un-god. In the ancient Egyptian tongue this is said as A-nu’k Sa’ON, which means I am a child of ON.
It’s realized that after the purge, those who advance forward into the New Jerusalem and the new Earth will understand this New Law. A large portion of the population never accepted the formula of the dying god, and these bloodlines are forever doomed. Those who learned of the dying god, but have not accepted the Law of Thelema still have a chance to survive.
However, the kings shall be those who accept the continuity of their own consciousness. The gate of the dying god has closed; the gate of the self-god is closing, at which time the monsters will be let loose. Those who will survive will move ahead with their own proclivities, and those who ignore their own SOUL, or offer it up to the great dissolution, which is the end of the human genome and the new fusion that will be attempted, will be doomed. Only those who will survive are those without the Mark of the Beast, which is of course, the alien genetic component that’s waiting to be mixed with humankind.

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