Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Statistiks and Ritual Magik: Reshaping the Middle Pillar Ritual

It is often believed by Magicians that there is some strange association between sound, color, thought, and of course the enigmatic LUX or L.V.X. Actually, these associations create the foundation for Magik in its ritual sense. This brief discussion is meant to show with modern statistical procedures as proof what already exists in the Occult as Dogma. Modern Magikal formulas like statistics can be applied to Occult formulas just like scientists use statistics in University Laboratories. Just like all other science, Magikal methods of extracting nature's Secrets must also be rigorous and objective if we are to ever expect reliable results from our Magik. Ultimately, there IS some fundamental real and objective feature that attaches the old correspondences to one another (i.e. colors, tones, concepts, planets, elements...etc). With statistics the Magikal correspondences can be proven by the same methods that prove physics, chemistry, astronomy, and every other so-called ‘legitimate’ science. However, as modern science denies the worth of such associations and rejects attempts at interpreting their meanings, Magicians know the value of internalizing and seeking out the most subtle of these patterns. Magicians know that the process of perceiving the underlying patterns of our existence and natural reality is a Magikal process, and because Magik resists predilections in it's quest and moves at knowing for Knowledge's sake, it will always precede exoteric science but also will always be demonized by it. For this reason the Magicians remain Silent.

Of all frequencies measured by hertz (i.e. cycles per second), brainwaves are the lowest- which means that they move the slowest and are the densest. Brainwaves are measured in five categories in modern neuroscience, which are delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma respectively. When the thresholds for these categories are partitioned, amazingly they correlate significantly to the five notes of a pentatonic scale. The correlational statistic used in this analysis is the standard Pearson Product-Moment Correlation Statistic used in all scientific laboratories in all Academic Institutions the world over. The results to this analysis can be replicated when a correlation statistic is done using the measures of : typical threshold brainwave states, the Gematria value of the Hebrew color words given in Crowley’s 777, spectral light frequency, and standard Western pitch frequencies at A = 440.

What this means is that thought, color-light, sound, and Gematria, are all correlated to such an improbable degree that it is sound publishable science. The question is- how the Hell did magicians and Qabalists have this knowledge so firmly established in their doctrines before spectrometers, Microsoft Excel, tuning forks, or sound mathematical theories and the concept of zero? How did they know the truth of ‘As above so Below?’ Who told them that everything vibrates and is in constant flux? This knowledge of constant change and vibration is not an observable truth, so why did the ancient adepts adopt so faithfully the doctrine of vibration as Heraclitus said, 'All is in flux.' The answer may be in our DNA. We need just look into ourselves, and have that elusive chat with our Holy Angel, that neuro-genetic Master and Gatekeeper of our Fate and Initiation!
Sound, light, words, and the electricity that encodes our thoughts, represent the same pattern just on various points along the same Continuum. What this also means is that when applied and the proper associations are known, colors and tones can be incorporated into ritual Magik to produce biological change. Meaning, frequencies make actual neurological changes because they activate hormonal and neuro-chemical processes that ultimately form new neurological connections and pathways enabling novel conceptual processes to emerge in the cortical areas of the brain, which in tern activates genetic predilections that are in latency and amplifies them. Just think of it as how spectral light affects growing weed- you need red lights to get lofty plants, but blue lights to make them flower into the good stuff. These various points along the light spectrum trigger different aspects of the plants genetic code, one light tells it to grow while another tells it to bud. The vibratory spectrum has even more of an affect on our genetic makeup.

So, now we understand a bit more about the scientific Pantheon of New Aeon Magik which is Vibrations/Matter/L.V.X./M.A.A.T. And, that the Magikal application of the Vibration/Matter/L.V.X/LUX/Had/Nuit pantheon is availed to Sons and Magicians pursuing actual scientific results.

So how do we apply this type of esoteric information to practical ceremonial Magik?

Intoning the God-Names is a crucial aspect of ceremonial Magik. Besides the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, the Middle Pillar Ritual is probably one the most fundamental pieces to the Western Magikal Regimen.

Traditionally when the Middle Pillar ritual is done the God-Names used for intonation and visualization are those of the traditional Golden Dawn Qabalistic correspondences. However, since the true correspondences have been uncovered, we can now apply our new science to the old rituals.

Probably much criticism will be put to this system, but it is my understanding that the traditional Magikal associations are wrong, and serve as a ‘lure.’ What’s meant by this is that the commonly distributed Qabalistic dogma (i.e. Golden Dawn, Levi. etc.) is what Crowley called a ‘blind.’

Blinds, or veils, are placed over a doctrine so that it can be disseminated and students can be trained in all the requisite material and rituals without being bestowed with the key. That is, they learn their ‘misinformation’ with all the fervor of it being real, because they think it IS real. However, the initiate is never really told he has been misled, that is for each adept to discover for himself. In fact, this revelation of being deceived is the Initiation to sit at the Table of Gods in the City of Pyramids.

The Secret of LUX/L.V.X is in fact at the heart of this mystery.

The proper God-Names and visualized Spheres should not be:
EHIEH for KETHER --White
YHWH ALHIM for DAATH – Translucent Purple
SHADAI AL CHI for YESOD –Dark Purple

The proper Names should be:
YHWH ALHIM v’ DAATH for KETHER – Translucent Purple
SHADAI AL CHI for DAATH –Dark Purple

YHWH ALHIM v’ DAATH for KETHER – Translucent Purple – L.V.X
SHADAI AL CHI for DAATH –Dark Purple –L.V.X


  1. Great blog Alexander..The first part is well explained. As for blinds....well I have been 'into' magick for over 35years so have witness the explosion of information...Much of Crowley's works have blinds and he made no secret of that...See the lie before the man...If a man followed blindly then Magick is not for them unfortunately many follow the 'dogma' even now.Certain fraternities still train with this dogma that had links with Crowley...I actually cringe when I hear probationers and lone studiers say THEY HAVE TO DO THIS OR THEY HAVE TO DO THAT to achieve 'whatever'.Even older works have blinds or in some cases have been influenced or tampered with. Works by Levi, Dee, Abramelin and Agrippa to name but a few.I have used rituals by Crowley,Dee and Abramerlin only after pulling them apart taking out what I feel is a blind or should not be there for other reasons then I reconstruct them weaving them with my own magick. A probationer does need to learn/to train but without the 'dogma'. If a probationer followed me blindly without question I would fail them. I have heard some of the practices/dogmas that probationers are meant to follow have so many faults in,that they can cause problems for the probationer in relation to communicating with HGA.
    Magick is about unlearning and perception.....Hmmmm I think my comment might start a debate.....One last thing......What colour is a red rose?

  2. So much has been said on this MP corrolating it to the Chackras. The proper (traditional) God names are no secret they can varified in many libers. If you look at where the planetary paths of the tree are located; one is able to unlock the seven seals.

  3. All prophets are true save they know little.

  4. @cheryl A red rose is every color except red.

  5. I was told by Brain Goldstein of TGD that Reguli was not just a blind but a "trap." An offical ritual of the AA a trap?

  6. you do agreat job expalining what a bliond is. BUT You don't even have to know Hebrew to figure out that the words on your chart are not the godnames listed in your new attributions of the MP. For example the lowest freq. 408.5 is labled Aleph,Lamed,Vav,Mem = Alhim the next lowest starts with the letter tzaddi and you have listed no "new and proper" godnames startiong with a zee sound(as in tsar). You make many assumptions and do not stick to proving you thesis instead you get into brain waves and the relation of color and sound as waves. Which are pertanent to your thesis but you nned to explain your new attributions better.